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Home Haircuts for ALL with Wahl

Haircuts are a necessity but sometimes they come with a luxury price tag. Home haircuts just sound bad. One might expect that old fashioned “bowl cut” or uneven bangs. Believe it or not Rob and Shaun have been getting home haircuts for a while now. Shaun has had more or less the same haircut since he was 3, a baldy cut with a slight fuzz left. He’s also had Mohawks here and there but either way I’ve done most of the cutting of his head with Wahl clippers.

With those same old Wahl Hair Clippers I’ve been able to keep up on Shaun’s hair as well as start working on Rob’s hair. Over the summer Rob decided to go for a new look; one close to the head. I took the clippers down to the #2 guide and gave him a new ‘do. He loves it; it’s easy and best of all FREE.

I got a new hair clipper set from Wahl a couple weeks back, and decided it was time to tackle my own hair. I figured I’m not that picky with my style, it’s short, choppy, asymmetrical and sometimes funky; I could accomplish that myself. I headed into the bathroom and took the clippers with the #5 guide to the back of my head. Going up from the nape to just below my crown I was getting a good feel. I had to call in reinforcements because I couldn’t reach and see all that well. Rob came in and finished that up and took it behind my ears. He did good. I continued with a mix of clippers, scissors and blending shears and the final outcome was pretty awesome; exactly what I want but don’t always get from stylists.

here is my before hair, long, shaggy, blah


I’ve found a new hairstylist and assistants, Rob and Wahl Color Pro Clipper Set. The key is to really take care of them. Use the included oil, clean out the hair and keep blades aligned. Knowing now that these simple steps would’ve kept my old clippers in good condition I will keep my new kit in tiptop shape.

Who needs a haircut?

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