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Wallaroo Hat Company

Even though summer is a pleasant memory these days the sun’s bright rays can still cause damage to our skin and eyes. Sunscreen and eyeglasses are great accessories but what about a fabulous and fashionable sun hat from Wallaroo.

Wallaroo hat company is determined to stop the increase of skin cancer by offering quality, colorful, fun and wearable UPF 50+ fabric hats. Wearing a Wallaroo hat just the right way keep the sun’s harmful rays off your face and eyes but still allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Wallaroo has 42 distinct styles for women, men and kids in solid, brightly colored fabrics, as well as tropical prints and neutrals. Canvas, loose weave, microfiber, cotton twill, poly-braid, and polystraw make the Wallaroo Hat Collection washable, crushable and versatile for everyday work or play. Each Wallaroo hat has been designed with an internal or external drawstring to make it one-size fits most.

I wore my chocolate Captiva on our family cruise vacation last month. I was able to shove it in our suitcase and reshape once we got back on the ship. It got wet multiple times and dried easily and without damage. I’ve been really good at keeping my face shielded from the sun over the past couple years but knew I needed something that would travel well. The Captiva hat was perfect for the beach, Lido Deck and balcony on sunny mornings in the Caribbean.

lounging in Cozumel

Invest in your health today. Protect against sun damage with Wallaroo Hats.

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