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My Perfect Mother’s Day would be……

lying on a chaise lounge watching the kids frolic in the sand and surf with a fruity drink in my hand

In a perfect world my perfect Mother’s Day would be a surprise trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks where our plans consisted of pure indulgent laziness with an occasional excursion and massage thrown in. This dream is free of time commitments and financial burden so I’m free to imagine anything I want.

In reality I expect breakfast and a day of hanging around the house, maybe some yard work, flowers and handmade cards. Not a complaint from me at all. This is my life, the life I choose, the life I wouldn’t trade.

I’m a mom, I don’t know anything else. I have friends and family and the blog and other hobbies but mommyhood comes first. If given the chance to give it all up and do something else without any guilt I wouldn’t. What else is there? I suppose I could answer with securing a promising career or traveling the world first but without my babies what is the point.

I’m not the best mom in the world hell sometimes I’m not the best mom I could be but I embrace it completely and don’t regret a single moment, a single decision and single tear or a single gray hair.