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Interesting Healthy Food Recipes for Your Kids

Veggie Pizzas

Kids love food, but to get the right nutrients into their body, it is important to make food look interesting. Mix some old recipes, add some quirky spins to your traditional dishes to create some tasty food items. Here is a list of ideas that you could use to make some healthy recipes for your children. Make tasty lunches and healthy dinners without spending more than half an hour preparing them in the kitchen. Read along to find out more:

(1) Oatmeal Pancakes with a twist of Banana

When you add bananas and walnuts to your pancake mix, the sodium content decreases, which keeps the blood pressure in check, preventing your kid from developing any heart diseases when he/she grows ups. You can sprinkle some confectioners’ sugar over those pancakes, and you wouldn’t need syrup. Instead of frying your pancakes on a sauté pan, you could bake them to give them a healthy twist.

(2) Veggie Pizzas of Personal Sizes

Add a lot of healthy vegetables, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet corn, baby corn, etc. to bake crispy and golden crust and add a lot of sauce. Reinvent your pizza recipes into a savory meal. Slow cook the pizza to simmer all the tastes into one brilliant dish. Trust me, it will leave your entire family licking the plate, wanting for more.

(3) You might also want to try out some baked oatmeal, adding some fruits to taste. You could add tart apple, peaches, blueberries, etc.

(4) Apart from the personal pizzas, you can also try pizza wraps, with pepperoni placed in center of the tortilla and add some baked vegetables. Roll up along with the fillings and fold the sides. You could invite your kids into the kitchen to help you with the dinner.

(5) Which kid doesn’t like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese? Add some fresh vegetables to the mac ‘n’ cheese box and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. You could serve this creamy macaroni and cheese along with chicken roasted for an hour and maybe freshly steamed and salted veggies. This will be a complete package for dinner.

Try these finger smacking dishes, leaving the kids wanting for more. A little salt, a little spice, lot of vegetables and some chicken can help you create a fabulous meal for a really healthy dinner.

Come on, go to the store, get the ingredients today!