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New Skate Shoes from Heelys

Helmet. Check! Knee pads. Check! Elbow pads. Check! Health Insurance. Check! We’ve got our bases covered so now Shaun can finally enjoy his Heelys skate shoes. He’s been asking for these for YEARS but I’ve always said no, saying he was too young, too careless, too accident prone. Honestly though nothing has changed but I thought it was time for me to stop being such a downer so I gave in.

Shaun received Heelys Double Threat shoes. These shoes are made to be low profile, comfortable and most of all FUN.

Heelys became a phenomenon a couple years ago but I hated them. Kids rolling around in stores, malls, hallways and sidewalks not paying any attention others; I just wanted to trip them. I’ve cheered up a little and blamed the bad behavior on the parents. Shaun won’t be allowed to wear them anywhere but outside.

I realize now that Heelys can be really great for outdoor activities and having fun. Shaun can head to the dog park with my parents and get pulled along by the poodles. Recently Heelys introduced the new Nano; a patented shoe bracket to give wearers a skateboard feel and look.

This option gives wearers the ability to skate faster, longer and farther than with just the traditional one-wheeled Heely.

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