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Uplifting Reasons to Start Planning your Next Holiday

The amount of devastation and disruption that Covid-19 has brought into our lives is incomprehensible and we’ve all been impacted in different ways. From homeschooling and working from home, to face masks, lockdowns and frightening statistics, it’s difficult to imagine life ever returning to normal. 

Family Road trip

We all know how the travel industry has been deeply disrupted due to Covid-19, with well-deserved holidays being cancelled and disrupted, airports closing, quarantines and holiday providers collapsing amid the crisis. It’s easy to think that the idea of booking a holiday now, seems a little out of touch. If your holiday has recently been cancelled due to coronavirus, check out this helpful infographic from Creditfix, where you can find out more about your rights as a consumer and what to do if your holiday provider has collapsed. 

When you understand your rights as a consumer, it makes booking your next break all the more reassuring. You may not want to book a holiday here or overseas just yet, but looking ahead to the future certainly has its benefits. Read on for some uplifting reasons to start planning your next holiday. 

It’s good for your mental health

From lockdowns to rules and regulations, the last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and frustrations. Extensive time stuck indoors, dark nights and cold, miserable weather can potentially harm our mental health. Planning your next holiday (whenever it may be) will not only give you something to look forward to, but it provides a much-needed distraction from what’s happening at home. If you can spend time planning a week’s worth of activities in the sun rather than worrying about what’s on the news and your home-schooling abilities, then you’ll certainly reap the benefits before you even step foot on that sandy beach.

You have plenty of time to personalise your trip

Creating a bespoke itinerary for your next trip is both distracting and practical. There’s never been a better time to consider taking that trip of a lifetime and not putting it off any longer. Whether you’re planning a family holiday or a romantic getaway with your partner, searching for the right kind of break has never been easier.

Prices are low

Due to the disruption of covid-19, travel companies are hoping to entice travellers and holidaymakers into booking a holiday with low prices. This could mean cheap, upgraded flights, high-end accommodation, all-inclusive deals, unlimited food and drink, kids’ places, activities etc, the possibilities are endless. That dream holiday could be even more realistic due to lower prices and deposits. 

What is our next holiday

Holidays and travel may be off the agenda right now. However, booking your next break or Nashville getaways for couples well in advance means you have more time to plan your dream break, to pay for your holiday in easy-to-manage instalments and if something does go wrong, you’ll have plenty of time to make other arrangements and even rebook for another date giving you more control over the situation. 

Final thoughts…

Travel may be restricted right now, but booking a break for the near future will give you something to look forward to and could be beneficial for your mental health.