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This Book Is The Devil – Beware!!!!

Yes, I know it is only a book with toys in it but Shaun and Shae both want to look at it at the same time and Shaun wants to see it but not show Shae and Shae wants to show me stuff while Shaun is looking at it.  Also, they want EVERYTHING from the book and I mean everything.  For instance this morning Shaun and Shae were looking at the book again for the 20thtime and Shaun rattled off ten things he wanted but as soon as Shae said she wanted the Barbie castle Shaun told here “Shae that is $139.99.” Really???  Why the heck does Shaun care how much it costs since he isn’t paying for it plus the ten things he rattled off probably costs at least that much if not more.

It is funny because I remember as a kids looking at the Sears and Toys R Us Holiday Toy books and probably acted the same way and I am sure my parents got annoyed with me and my brothers like I am with Shaun and Shae. LOL. Pack backs are a you know what. LOL. Oh well guess I will have to deal with it until I can put together a secret mission and remove this toy book from the house. Wish me luck!

If you have seen this book BEWARE. Don’t give it to your kids unless you absolutely have to. Trust me on this one. LOL.