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5 Chores Toddlers Can Be Involved In for Holiday Dinners

Holidays are supposed to be about families and the bonds we share as families. Helping each other in tasks, doing things together, deciding everything as a family is a special moment for the family. Having fun while doing holiday-related chores helps us make memories for later and brings giggles to the present.


I am not talking about including kids in the heavy lifting, these are the kinds of hosting jobs that don’t need to be done a certain way or you can easily do without. But, these chores helps toddlers feel involved and helpful. It helps them feel like an adult and show off their work later to the guests.

1. Setting the Table

Setting the table is one of the simple tasks that can make the kids think that they did something big because the whole party is going to assemble and see their handiwork. 

  • Let them help you select the table cloth and runner.
  • Let them help straighten them out on the table.
  • Let them place the placemats.
  • They can also help arrange the silverware.

2. Making a Centerpiece

Buying a good centerpiece can get expensive and holiday-themed ones aren’t used more than once a year anyway. So, a little DIY can help you save money and also help you have a lot of fun making one from scratch. You can use pinecones, fruit, gourds, or branches to create your own unique centerpiece.

  • Take the kids out in the garden or to the park.
  • Let them select flowers, branches, pinecones, whatever suits their fancy.
  • Allow them to arrange the collection the way they like while advising them a little about the design.

3. Arranging Flowers in a Vase

This is one of the simplest tasks on the list. All your kids have to do is place flowers in the vase for the most part. If you want them to be more involved in this, then they can create custom arrangements on their own with you looking over.

  • If you have a garden with flowers, take them there and help them choose the flowers.
  • Or, you can take them to the market and choose there.
  • Bring the flowers and help them trim the stems and remove leaves to make the flowers stand in the vase better.
  • Let them fill the vase with some water and explain to them that the water is supposed to keep the flowers fresh.
  • Let them place the flowers in the vase and arrange them as the like.

4. Designing Place Cards

This is one of the things that is the most optional in this list. So, even if they mess up, it doesn’t matter. Place cards aren’t that important in informal family dinners. But, if you have a large family, and some family drama, then this can come in handy. Plus, the kids get to show their artistic skills.

  • Give them a deck of cards, art supplies, and the list of family members attending.
  • Ask them to write one name on one card and decorate it the way they like.

5. Organizing Snacks Platters

Snacks during parties is a must, especially if there are kids at the party. Help them create snack platters that can be passed around before the meal. This way they can get involved in the food part without actually being a problem for you in the kitchen.

  • Set them on the dining table with the necessary requirements.
  • Give them a plate to set out snacks on and explain what kind of platter they are making. They can make –
    • Cheese and Crackers Platter – Give them cheese slices, cubes, and crackers.
    • Fruit Platter – Cut the fruits and give them the fruits in separate bowls.
    • Chips and Dip Platter – Give them the packet of chips and the bowl of dip.
  • After you have placed all the things on the table, ask them to arrange the items on the plate in a pretty way.

Final Thoughts

Kids love being involved in adult responsibilities, especially toddlers. They are filled with so much energy, excitement, and curiosity. They are at an age that is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Let them be a part of preparations and then see the pride on their faces during the festivities.