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5 Tips for Flying with Toddlers


What is the most common way to travel? Well outside of driving, majority of us travel by plane, especially when going from state to state or out of the country. For the most part, traveling is fun but can be stressful for the average person, ranging from flight cancellations or delays to simply having pure anxiety about flying in general. Those factors alone can be quite overwhelming. Now, imagine flying with a toddler…you can multiply those stressors by ten! The “terrible twos” can come into attack mode if you’re not prepared. So if you want to avoid the crying, screaming, and the kicking of the back of someone’s seat, follow these tips to help you avoid a grumpy kid on a bumpy flight.


Do you remember going to the doctor as a kid and before the nurse would give you a shot, she would distract you by giving you a piece of candy to take your mind off of getting the shot? Well that’s the approach you have to take with toddlers on flights. You want to have an arsenal of distractions that will keep their mind occupied. With today’s technology, kids are tech-savvy at birth (seemingly,) so have a kid-friendly tablet handy, or even children’s games on your phone, with headphones, so as to not disturb other passengers. Other options would be books, coloring books, and other toys they enjoy.

Air Pressure

Air pressure is a nuisance for anyone at any age, whether your a baby or adult, but at least as an adult, we can combat our ears popping by chewing gum. Chewing gum may not be the best option for a toddler, but you know what is…gummy bears or fruit snacks, if you prefer a healthier option.

Leave Early

Believe it or not, a lot of people aren’t morning people, so earlier flights are less crowded and it’s a better chance that the kiddos will still being in sleep mode upon boarding the plane. Also, planes will typically be on schedule, so delays and cancellations are less likely.

Window Seat

Window seats are not for everyone. Looking out the window makes some people dizzy or sick to their stomachs, but kids LOVE window seats. Them being able to see what the world looks like from a bird’s eye view will open the door to a world of wonder and probably lots of questions, but hey, I’d say questions is a lot better than kicking and screaming.


Upon boarding a plane, it’s always a good healthy habit to come prepared with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. People get on planes coughing and sneezing with runny noses, so why not be proactive in the fight against germs. Wipe down the arm rest, fold down trays, and even have children’s Emergen-C. In reality, nobody likes being sick or having a “bug,” so imagine a toddler on a plane not feeling well. Like the saying says “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” So be sure to have these items handy when a cootie shot isn’t an option in the fight against germs.

Thanks for Flying

All in all, traveling is not for the faint of heart, especially for the super moms out there. Toddlers are just like adults…just a lot smaller and need a little more coaxing. Flying with a toddler isn’t easy, but being proactive and following these tips will definitely put you on the right path to having a smooth flight and landing.