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What Nurse-Parents Are Like

My mother always said that being a nurse is the most noble and rewarding job, and she was right. As a nurse, she met a lot of patients who came in with different problems, and her favorite thing to do was watch them leave the hospital with their families after they recovered. She said that the patients may not remember a nurse’s name, but will always remember what they did for the patient. Nurses have not only touched the hearts of patients; they have also made an impact on their own kids’ lives. I will never forget everything that my nurse-mother has done for me. Even when she had a really long, hard day, she would come home to make me dinner and tuck me into bed every single night. She took me to the hospital on numerous occasions, and proudly introduced me to everybody there. Being a nurses’ child has indeed been a pleasure, and I am sure others would also agree. Here are 9 points that aptly describe nurse-parents. How many of them can you relate with?

1. They are hardly home

I think we can all agree that nurses are the real superheroes in a hospital. They do everything in their part to make sure that patients are comfortable, reassure their families and assist during surgeries. They leave home early in the morning and return at odd hours. The worst part is that they are sometimes even called in to the hospitals on their day off!

2. They have the softest hands

If your parent is a nurse, go feel their hands! As a child, I always used to always hold on to my mother’s hand because they were so soft and cold. Nurses have extremely soft hands as a result of washing their hands a thousand times a day. Those soft palms, with neatly trimmed nails also appear tired and stiff from the long hours at the hospital.

3. They are never fooled

Here’s a fact – The child of a nurse can never skip school, unless they are actually sick. As kids, we love to pretend that we are ill just to miss school. We artificially make our forehead hot and our face red to fool our parents and stay at home. However, it is nearly impossible for the child of a nurse to actually pull off this trick. Nurses are smart enough to identify symptoms, and can easily understand when kids pretend. Never try this trick with them!

4. They are well-equipped

Nurses always stock up the medicine cabinet at home with enough pills and first aid supplies. They even keep a stethoscope in hand, in case their children fall sick. They can easily identify an illness when we list out a few symptoms, and know what to do. No wonder all my friends prefer to come to my mother when they fall sick, or get injured!

5. They work on Christmas

Hospitals will always function, even if it is Christmas! Nurses are on duty even on this National holiday; doing their best to take care of sick patients. It is disappointing for children to wake up excitedly on Christmas morning, only to find out that their mother had to work. Yet, these loving nurse moms also make it a point to leave some gifts under the Christmas tree for the little ones, and arrange for a homely Christmas dinner for the family.

6. Their closets are filled with scrubs

Who knew a nurse could own so many scrubs? When I was young, I would go sit inside my mother’s closet, between her scrubs, because I loved the smell of clean, soft scrubs! Laundry has to be done every single day to ensure that their scrubs are white and clean before they leave to the hospital!

7. They teach us how to be independent

Nurses’ children are usually more independent than other children. From a very early age, they are aware how hectic their parent’s job can be. They do their part to help out around the house, since their parent usually returns home late. They are taught how to cook, do the laundry and babysit the younger children.

8. They are extremely proud of their job

Nurses love what they do. They get to cure lives just as much as doctors can! They take care of patients, scrub in on surgeries and communicate with patients’ families. Why would they take up such a hectic job if they didn’t love what they are doing? Most nurses love speaking about their job to their children, in the hopes that they too will get inspired to become a nurse!

9. They teach their children how to be grateful

Nurses have seen everything – they have witnessed the pain and sufferings that patients go through, and the sadness and desperation that the families of patients feel. They know how hard life gets, and how valuable life is. Therefore, they make it a point to remind their children over and over again to count their blessings, and to be good, and kind to all.