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4 Ways Parents can Help Prevent Teen Depression


Adolescence is a very crucial time in life for anyone. Teenagers at this age are full of a variety of emotions, curiosity and anxiety. This makes them vulnerable to different kind of circumstances which may be bad or good for them. Navigating smoothly through this phase of life is not an easy task it requires a whole lot of efforts from the teenagers side and an equal amount of efforts from the side of the parents too. Teenage depression is a pressing problem that the world faces. This also leads to high number of suicide attempts amongst the teenagers. However neurologists, psychologists and scientist studying teen depression have researched a lot on the issue to have a better understanding of what causes teen depression and how to prevent it. What they found was that parents have the major role to play in preventing teen depression. So here are 4 ways parents can help to prevent teen depression.

1. Increased level of Cortisol and C-reactive protein is responsible for higher anxiety and depression. But the levels can be reduced to a great extent if proper parental support and care is provided to teens. All they require at this tender age I the warmth and support of their parents. This greatly helps them to feel relaxed and motivated in difficult situations.

2. Parents should also help their kids by developing strong emotional and social cohesion skills from the very beginning of their life. Being emotionally strong helps the teen to handle a variety of emotions that they feel during the age of adolescence. All they need is the love and support of their parents.

3. Peer relationship is very crucial for teens as they look up to peers for maintaining status getting their approval on daily life activities. However stressed relationship with peers can make things worse for them leading to depression. Parents play an important part in this scenario as they need to understand that breakups and stressed friendship are a part of growing up and they need to make this fact realize to their kids too.

4. Parents can also help teens by making them realize the importance of purpose and goal in life. Parents with their daily involvement in the activities of the teens be it schoolwork or outside school activities can help to teach children to do things which have meaning and purpose for them, so as to remain focused.