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5 Creative Ways to Decorate a Nursery

If you are expecting or someone else you know is, first of all, Congratulations! Now, you need to plan out the nursery. As important it is to consider the safety of the baby while decorating the room, it is also important to have fun elements.

Today, we will be talking about some of the unique ideas I have curated for nursery designs. These things have the ability to transform your room completely and also help channel your creativity.

Wall Mural Decals


Wall decals are a great way to spice up the walls of your nursery. They are cheap, easy to apply and remove, and colorful. You can go for a classy look or a total color fest. You can go for the designs aimed at kids like dinosaurs, animals, cartoons, anything and everything bright and colorful. You can easily remove the decals and replace them as your kid grows.

Floor Mural Decals

Floor decor

A lot of people don’t know about floor mural decals. Floor decals aren’t as popular as wall decals, but they are catching up. When the baby is able to crawl, it will be fun for the baby to crawl on a scene of a beach or jungle. They make the floors much for fun and make the room look airy. You can have an elaborate game of pretend play with toys that match the decal. It is great to create a story within the room.

Baby Name Plaque

Name plaque

Baby name plaques on the walls can add a great personal touch for the baby, and they will love it as they grow to read and write. There are many websites that will make custom name plaques for you. You can even frame each letter and put the name on the wall like a photo gallery. If you feel plaques are out of your budget and you want an inexpensive option then there are name decals as well, it will give you the same effect.

Cartoon Animal Heads


Fake animal heads have been trending recently. Cartoon animal heads are a fun addition to have. They are easy to find, like this one from eBay. You can also get custom animal head stuff toys made on eBay.

Hanging Cloud

Hanging cloud

Hanging clouds are really fun to look at even as adults. Imagine the happy laughter from your child. Imagine how fun it will be to have a cloud indoors and how marvelous it will feel when it is raining outside. It is really easy to make, you can turn it into a laid-back afternoon project. Even wikiHow teaches how to make a hanging cloud, this image is proof of it.

Decorating a nursery is your chance of unleashing the child inside of you. Babies don’t know good design from bad design. Add elements that will make them curious about things. The hanging clouds and the beach floor mural can help you teach them about the environment. Add elements that are in some way attached to learning, that way it will still be relatable as the child grows.