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How to Sleep Comfortably During Summer

Comfortable Sleep

Summer is a season many people look forward to following months of cold weather. When the summer months approach, people can’t help but think about having mad fun, lots of fun and enjoyable warm nights. But sometimes the heat become unbearable and despite having the best Puffy mattress on your bed, you still can’t find the comfort to sleep and enjoy the sleep till the morning light.

As a result, you wake up tired and feeling drowsy, hoping that you can catch a few hours of sleep again. If you find it difficult to sleep during summer, or you find yourself in an unfamiliar place that’s too hot there are not proper air conditioners to make life more bearable, here are a few awesome ways to keep yourself cool and sleep like a baby despite the sweltering heat-:

Consider the types of bedsheets you use

The bedsheets you use during summer will either make it easy for you to fall asleep or they will ensure that you remain uncomfortable and you catch no sleep at night. The ideal type of sheets you should consider using in hot places or during hot weathers should be sheets made from breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton that will easily the free flow of air. Any other type of sheet will inhibit the much needed free flow and as a result, the heat generated by your body will form sweat on your skin, leading to you being very uncomfortable during the night.

Check out your nighttime wardrobe

Nighttime Wardrobe

If you have never cared about what you put on the night on hot summer days, then that may be the reason why you feel weak, tired and fatigued during summer. Just like your bedsheets, your nighttime wardrobe should be compromised of attires made from breathable materials that will allow the free flow of air. Remember, the body temperatures are bound to be up at night, thus making you sweat. If what you are sleeping with is not breathable, your body will soon be drenched in sweat and continuing with the sleep will be nearly impossible. If you want the best attires for your summer night, then consider going full with your birthday suit.

Make good use of the fans and ventilation


If the room you happen to sleep in has a fan, then you can use them to increase the comfort levels of the indoors. All you need to do is to set the right settings and then place it in the most strategic place so that you can achieve a lot of cooling. Here are a few fan tips for you-:

  • Position the fan such that it is driving air away from your sleeping position and towards the windows. The flow of air can interfere with your sleeping if the fan is facing you at night.
  • If you are using a ceiling fan, adjust it so that it can rotate counterclockwise so that it can drive hot air up and out of the room instead of just circulating the air inside the room.
  • If you would like to position the fan to face you, then place a pan or bowl of ice right in front of it so that the blowing air will blow past the ice first and pick up the mist that will then be deposited onto you for more cooling.
  • For more fun and comfort at night, use more than one fan with different arraignments so that cool air will be adequately circulated in all parts of the room.

Have the right cool down tools with you

Cooling tool

It is normal to find that you need to drink a lot of water during the summer, and sometimes, you may find yourself waking up just to get a glass of water. It may be necessary to have been your bed a bottled of chilled water and drink some before retiring to bed. Again, due to the heat, you may need to have a pack of chilled ice for dabbing on your feet to cool them down before you get into bed.

Learn to cook your foods outdoors during summer

The last thing you want is to make the house hotter than it already is during the summer. If you cook inside the house, you can be sure that the interior temperatures will be really high, and this will not just cause a lot of discomforts, but also will make you pay more since the cost of cooling the house may go up. A good idea would be to switch your cooking station from your kitchen to some nice place outdoors if space allows. If anything, summer is the perfect time to test out your grilling skills and I’m sure you don’t want to have all the heat generated by the BBQ being spread inside the house.

Unwind and go dark early

Godark Early

When you get closer to your bedtime during the summer, it is vital to learn how to unwind and limit exposure to light in good time so that you will find it easy to fall asleep. It is recommended that you turn off all the lights early in the evening, and also avoid using all electronics, including your phone at least one hour before going to bed. It goes without that with the heat, it will not be a good idea to drink coffee or alcohol late in the evening if you truly desire to have a good night.

Sleep alone or further apart

Sleeping with a partner is very nice during cold weathers for the obvious reasons, but the summer months come calling, the last thing you want is to have additional heat generated to you from a sleeping partner. It would be a good idea if you slept on your own since this will be more comfortable. However, if you can’t help but sleep with someone, the sleep further apart. Just remember that sharing a bed when is hot may get really uncomfortable, especially when you think about two sweating adults under the same blanket.