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The Attic Assessment – How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Areas

Storage area


The average Australian home is currently spending an extra $418 a week on non-essential goods compared to 1984. All this extra spending has resulted in a dire need for storage solutions, as cluttered and cramped homes are becoming all too common. Furthermore, all this clutter results in disorganisation, which can elevate stress levels in the home.

Getting the most out of your storage areas is a great solution to these issues, and can make your home feel fresher and more organised. It may seem a daunting task, and it will take time and effort. But here are 4 ways to get the most out of your storage areas!

Storage Containers.

Invest in some containers to make organisation easier. These not only allow for things to be kept neat and tidy, but also can be used to separate items into categories. Labelling the craft supplies and halloween costumes separately means that it will be easier to find your items, and will prevent your storage spaces from being a room of confusing boxes. Find some good quality storage containers with wheels. This way, you can move and re-organise your storage spaces as you please! All in all, storage containers are a friend to the cluttered and over-filled storage space.

Be Critical.

There are a few reasons why we need to store items in our homes. The most common is that we do not use that particular item on a regular basis; this include things like photo albums, costumes or holiday decorations. Unfortunately, we also tend to store things that we do not need at all, and end up cluttering our storage areas too!

Take a critical look at the things you are keeping, and determine whether or not it is worth keeping. Donate the unneeded items, and keep your storage spaces free of unwanted clutter. This will allow for more efficient storage of the things that really matter.


Although storage containers are a great way to take advantage of your storage areas, shelving systems should also be utilised! While containers are usually kept in cupboards, or under a bed, shelves can hide in plain sight, and are a great way to store and display at the same time!

Invest in good quality shelving, and remember to anchor it to the wall; especially if there are young children in the house. Keep your displays simple as to avoid a cluttered mess. Another great thing about shelving, is that it can be used to add to the essence of a room rather than take away from it. Get creative, and use them to your advantage.

Be Smart.

Instead of storing large pieces of furniture, take it apart and flat pack it. When storing clothes, buy some vacuum storage bags and seal them up, and are more efficient ways of storing items. Both of these ideas allow for less space to be taken up by individual items. Another way to be smart with your storage space is to be aware of what areas you have to use. Don’t forget about the garage or the attic, as these are large areas that should be utilised. At the top of wardrobes or under beds are all storage spaces are also spaces to be aware of. This way, you will not over-crowd any one storage area, and will make sorting through areas a lot easier.

So, there you have it; four ways to get the most out of your storage areas. Try them all, or pick a few favourites to incorporate into your household. Good luck!