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Share Your Breakfast and Feed a Hungry Child

Today one in four children goes without meals due to economic hardships or poverty. These families are food insecure; inability to obtain sufficient nutrition. As a mom I try my best to provide my children the food required to keep their brains functioning and bodies moving.  Growing up I remember going to school without a meal in my stomach.  I don’t want that for my family.

Kellogg’s believes that breakfast can be a child’s best start to a productive and active day. Share Your Breakfast and Kellogg’s will share a breakfast with a child who needs it. Upload a picture, give a description or send a text and Kellogg’s will supply the funds required to a school to provide 1 child a nutritious and much needed breakfast.

Each time you share, Kellogg’s will donate the monetary equivalent of school breakfasts. Kellogg’s will donate up to $200,000 – the equivalent of one million school breakfasts.

Today I shared mine, Shaun’s and Shae’s breakfasts with Kelloggs. That will feed 3 children. A step so small but that will make such a large impact on a child’s life. Help me and Kellogg’s feed the children by participating in Share Your Breakfast today and each day until the goal of 1Million meals is met.




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