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Living Bug Free with Cutter and Hot Shot Naturals

No matter how clean your home is bug can get it. Ants are my nemesis; every spring they pay me a visit and every spring I try all the products and methods under the sun to get rid of them.

This year I’m using Hot Shot Natural Pesticide, a greener, safer way to rid the home of pests. Made from Lemongrass Oil, Hot Shot Natural Home Insect Control is an effective defense against ants, roaches and spiders. We haven’t had a problem with ants in the home but spiders are invading the garage. I’ve been spraying around the garage perimeter, deck and doors coming into the house. No more fear of poisoning the family for the sake of bug-free living. But does this product really work?

The “does it work” question holds especially true for something you want to work fast and right the first time – like bug killer. And believe it or not, something as pleasant sounding as Lemongrass Oil extracts were found to be the simplest and most effective natural insecticide. Those extracts are the basis for Hot Shot Natural – a line of natural insecticides, from Ant & Roach killer to Wasp & Hornet killer. Best of all, you’re not paying a premium price for this natural product – it’s comparable to synthetic insecticides.

For outside my home I need to be a little more aggressive. The people who lived here previously weren’t quite the green thumbs so needless to say the flower and garden beds and lawn were a bit overgrown and infested with flies, aphids, spiders and more. I turned to Cutter Backyard Bug Control to invade the creepy crawlies. Application was easy, just attach to the garden hose, spray the area you want to treat and you’re protected up to 8 weeks. I focused on the side yard, front yard(patch of grass) and some of the lawn. I didn’t want to treat too close to the veggies because this product isn’t from their Natural line.

We still have plenty of summer left, that means plenty of time for bug bites and infestations. Treat now and be worry free for the rest of your bbqs.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.