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Rain Boots go with Everything

Dress up and imagination play are the biggest parts of Shae’s daily play time. When it’s time to leave the house it isn’t always convenient or appropriate to take that with us. Kidorable now lets her bring her newest stories along for the ride.

The Fairy Collection is adorable and perfectly girly and sweet. With a foot of snow on the ground Shae is wearing her rain boots with confidence that her feet won’t get wet. The bright yellow, pink and green colors match almost everything she wears; not that being mismatched would stop her anyway. The matching umbrella has the cutest fairy wings on top and is a perfect bell shape to keep her dry. Toddlers aren’t the best at handling umbrellas but its lightweight design helps keep it upright with ease.

Shop Kidorable for any and every kid you know. Styles range from fireman to mermaid to space hero to ballerina. Don’t think the selection stops at raingear either. Kidorable now has winter gear, bath accessories, room décor and more available. We’ve been shopping Kidorable since Shaun was little and have always been very pleased with their quality, fun styles and of course all the great comments and smiles we get out and about all dressed up.

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