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My Kids Think Dessert Is Their Right!

I may have written a post at some point on this topic but I think it is worth a follow up if I did. My kids feel dessert is their god given right and that they should receive it EVERY night and it is getting annoying.

Don’t get me wrong Melinda and I definitely spoil our kids and allow them to have ice cream often with all of the trimmings. Well, I think the trimmings are my fault. When I say trimmings we are talking waffle bowl, sprinkles, wet walnuts, magic shell (which Melinda HATES), caramel, mini chocolate chips, whipped cream and cherries. Now before you get up in arms about the amount of toppings I mentioned we typically limit them to two per dessert and every once in a while will let them have three to four.

I am sure the kids have become accustom to dessert and ice cream because there is rarely a time when we don’t have two half gallons of ice cream in the freezer and the kids know that. There have been times they would ask and I would tell them we are out because we are and they literally run to the freezer to check for themselves because they think there is no way dad would ever allow that to happen.

What really bugs me is when the kids (Shaun and Shae) ask for dessert and either Melinda or I tell them no and they start to cry. Really? Last time I checked ice cream wasn’t part of the five major food groups. To me it’s a treat and not your god given right as a child to have ice cream for dessert. When this behavior happens I instantly get annoyed because we are pretty lenient when it comes to dessert and they get it often but when they don’t they let you know how unhappy they are about it by voicing their displeasure.

I am not sure if all kids are like this but I am going to start offering vegetables for dessert if these kids keep up this nonsense.

Do your kids get mad/sad if you tell them no to dessert or are my kids the only ones?

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