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10 Things to Get Rid of Today

We all have a touch of hoarder inside of us.  We hold onto things that we think we’ll use again or are of some value. The truth is “out of sight, out of mind” falls into place and we’re stuck with junk drawers, memory boxes and attics filled with stuff that we forgot about.

I’m a saver. I’ve gotten better over the years but I still have a hard time throwing away broken frames, half used craft supplies and glass jars. I think I’ll use this again. Maybe I will but probably not. I mean I save empty glass jars for bacon grease because that’s a practical application but the box of unused frames is just sitting. I keep thinking I’m going to create a lovely art piece for the bedroom but the truth is I look at them every few months and pretend it’s not there.

The result of just letting it all go is helps you achieve living a clutter free, less messy life.  Imagine the freeing feeling you’ll have knowing there is a cleaned out spot in your home.  A spot that doesn’t need your thoughts or attention.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today

Getting rid of things doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Donating and recycling is always an option and should be first thought before heading to the trashcan.

We all have to start somewhere so feel free to take it slow. Work on this list 2 -3 items at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or don’t feel that de-cluttering is going to take too much time.

  1. Old Clothes.  If you don’t have technical skill of a seamstress to alter and repurpose old clothes into new creations then let it go. Jeans that haven’t fit for 5 years are probably out of style in color and silhouette anyway.  This goes for your children’s clothes too. It’s time to clean out closets and drawers and make room for new, better fitting, better looking styles to go with a new you. Keep working on your weight loss goals but AGAIN, a new you deserves new duds.
  2. Old Technology.  Does your current computer even have a disk drive?  Have your memories professionally transferred to digital format and get rid of the VHS tapes, floppy disks, walkmans and obsolete cables. Don’t forget those old remotes.
  3. Plastic containers. Unless you practice Once a Month Cooking there is NO need for an entire cabinet of Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers.  First go through and get rid of mismatched lids and bowls then keep the ones you know you’ll use. Make sure they fit your fridge and freezer and make sure lids close tightly.  With the recognition of hazardous BPS this is a great time to weed through the pieces that could be the most dangerous.
  4. Coffee Mugs . How much coffee do you actually drink? Do you really need 4 mugs with your name on it plus the 3 other touristy mugs that others have brought back from your during their travels.  Keep the few that you love plus a couple more for guests.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today #declutter #springcleaning #purge
  5. Old Food. Scour that pantry, cabinets, basement storage and even the fridge for anything expired. Don’t stop at expired though. Pull everything that you know you’re not going to eat like that vegan cheese pasta topping or super spicy wing sauce that set your tongue on fire. Double check your spices. Now is a good time to set up a system so you know what you’re not using so you can get rid of them. Turn everything backwards and once it’s used turn it so the label can be seen. In a couple months toss those that are still facing the wrong way.
  6. Magazines. This is something I find really hard to do. I love leafing through magazines and getting ideas for crafts or recipes but when my pile starts getting too high I know it’s time to start minimizing the stash.  I pull out recipes and put them in a binder full of sheet protectors for later use. Crafty or design ideas are also ripped out and stashed with the appropriate supplies.  
  7. Medicines and Health Products. Our hall closet is sifted through once a year because there is nothing worse than reaching for children’s pain reliever in the middle of the night to find it expired 4 months previous. Resist those sales that make you stock up on the same cough medicine unless you plan on sharing with another family. Keep the staples on hand, cough relief, pain relief, allergy medicine antacids, first aid supplies and cough drops.
  8. Hangers. Don’t keep the terrible wire ones from the cleaners or the flimsy plastic styles from the mall.  Hangers aren’t expensive so you can easily buy good ones as you need them. Choose a style and color and moving forward stick to it.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today #declutter #springcleaning #purge
  9. Cosmetics and Beauty Items. Mascaras and Eyeliners have a very short life due to their exposure to the eye.  Face creams and foundations may last longer but it’s important to keep a close eye AND nose to everything that you use on a regular and not so regular basis. Smell things as you apply to make sure they don’t smell rancid. Look at your eye shadows and bronzers to make sure they aren’t appearing wet or shiny in a way they didn’t before.  Wash your brushes monthly also.
  10. Office and School Supplies. How many pens can you find if you opened every one of your junk drawers?  It’s time to downsize them, the notepads and the leftover folders from last years class.  Keep items that are new and appropriate for your child’s age (toss the Wiggles pencil case when they are in Middle School). Check each pen and marker so you know they work.

We don’t let our lives be over run with old and broken toys, shoes that don’t fit and furniture that has live well past it’s life. Don’t let the rest of your home get in the way of being clutter free and organized.  Start with a room or a closet or a family member; just start somewhere.

What are your #MomEssentials?

I have 18 years of parenting experience. In any field of work that would make me an expert. Parenting is very different though. It’s an evolving practice, something that has lots of twists and turns. There are many lessons to be learned for both the parents and the children. There are some essentials that make each day easier, at least my day.

5 Things to Get Through The Day #MomEssentials Here is my list of essentials to get through the day

Shower Behind a Locked Door I’ve instructed the kids that unless something is on fire I am NOT to be disturbed while I’m in the shower. This is MY time that I need to relax, scrub the grime away from the day and possibly but unlikely shave my legs.

Morning Coffee One cup is usually all I need with the rare 2nd cup mid morning. It needs flavored creamer and sugar and the hotter the better!

Multiple Tubes of Chapstick One for me and one for the kids because I don’t like to share.

A Confidant or Best Friend Everyone needs a true friend they can turn to when there is news to share, good or bad. Maybe you don’t have news but just need a distraction because your kids won’t stop yammering on about iBallistic Squid and Enderman.

A Smartphone This is an obvious addition. My life is in there in my calendar and Pinterest.

This list can change at any stage in parenthood. If my kids were younger I’d have Cheddar Goldfish and crayons on my list. What is on your list of #MomEssentials?

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for the Kids

Kids in the Kitchen is about more than just letting kids mix up a batch of cookie dough. #KidsintheKitchen is a series that encourages kids to explore their creativity and expand their taste buds. Creating a space where children are comfortable is the first step to getting them excited to help prep and prepare a meal or come up with a new recipe ideas. This collection of the kitchen tools and gadgets is a great way to empower kids to do more, make more, create more, think more.
Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Kids #kidsinthekitchen

Non-Stick Silicon Baking Mat Set The non stick surface makes for easy removal of baked goods and leaves cooking sheets clean.

OXO Good Grips Measuring Cups The large sturdy handles gives little hands more control and less spilling.

Indoor Greenhouse Kit Get kids excited about fresh food and herbs buy growing them yourself.

Chopchop Magazine Subscription This publication provides inspiration and ideas that brings kids and their families together in the kitchen.

Curious Chef Plastic Knife Chop fruits and veggies with ease while keeping little fingers safe from traditional metal blades.

Geometric Cookie Cutters All bakers need basics shapes to create delicious sweets and treats.

OXO Wooden Spoon Set No kitchen is complete without sturdy wooden spoons for mixing and cooking.

Snap Fit Measuring Spoons This ingenuous double sided design is perfect for multiple sized jars and bottles.

EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Box Containers Kids will be excited to create healthy “lunchables” at home with fresh ingredients.

Cow Kitchen Timer Keep things fun with this MOO-ing kitchen timer.

PB & J Spoon No more multipe knives being used for 1 sandwich with this dual edge spreader.

Mixing Bowls with Handle Little hands will appreciate the handle on these brightly colored mixing bowls.

While some of these tools and gadgets are whimsical they are all useful in just about any kitchen. Teach safety first to ensure fewer accidents and mishaps. Do you have any suggestions for kitchen must haves for kids?

Come join me and my co-hosts, Sarah of Play to Learn with Sarah, Paula at Frosted Fingers and Sara at Sensibly Sara, each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

You’ll find so many more ideas on the #KidsintheKitchen Pinterest Board.
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Top Tear Jerkers

Who doesn’t love a good cry? When I’m flipping channels and see a known tear jerker flick I stop.  There’s something about the overwhelming outpouring of emotion that is cleansing and cathartic.   There are some movies that while the acting or actors aren’t up to par the story hits close to home.  Here is a list of some of my favorite tear jerker movies.

My Life-Michael Keaton’s character learns his days are numbered and lives the rest of his life to the fullest while leaving messages and lessons for his unborn child.

Dying’s a really hard way to learn about life. ~Bob Jones

E.T.-Elliot finds a stranded alien and works against all odd to return him to his home.

Brians Song-True story on based on the friendship of Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers as they are faced with Piccolo’s impending death.

brians song, tear jerker, movies that make me cry

Notebook-Probably one of the most intense love stories ever.  Money and status can’t keep this couple apart even in death.

I Am Sam-Sam fights for custody of his daughter after authorities take her away due to his mental disabilities.

i am sam, sean penn, tear jerker

Beaches-Years go by that can’t keep these friends apart in the toughest of times.

Soundtrack includes Wind Beneath My Wings

Terms of Endearment-The ultimate in tear jerker movies; a story of dysfunctional mother daughter relationship.

Step Mom-The mom has to hand over the reigns to the stepmom when she learns of her diagnosis.

P.S. I Love You-A widow gets messages from her late husband, reminding her to keep living and loving.

Mask-the pressures of a physical deformity sometimes is too much to handle for Rocky and his family.

These things are good: ice cream and cake, a ride on a harley, seeing monkeys in the trees, the rain on my tongue, and the sun shining on my face. These things are a drag: dust in my hair, holes in my shoes, no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face. ~Rocky Dennis

City of Angels-Falling in love with an Angel can only end badly for everyone.

My Girl-Young friends deal with life and death when one of them dies too soon.

So that’s my list, for now. I know there are so many more that come to mind. What is on you list as a top tear jerker movie.

Who’s on your List

The discussion goes a little like this, “I’d totally do her if given the chance”. “Look at me, I’m a fine specimen, how would she ever resist.”

This is Rob talking about an actress in a recent movie. So I gave him permission to have his way with 5 celebrities if the planets ever aligned and they threw themselves at his manly feet.

His List
Brooke Burke – long time lister
Britney Spears – the slimmed down, clean version
Megan Fox – have you seen her in Transformers 1 & 2
Hayden Panettiere – recent addition, she’s finally of an appropriate age
Shakira – just look at her

My List
Gerard Butler – I feel in love with P.S. I Love You
Adrian Brody – The Stella Artois commercial sealed the deal
Partick Warbuton – he’s cute but his sense of humor is what sucks me in
Ryan Reynolds – good god!
George Eads- a member of the CSI hot guy crew

So here they are, Laminated.

Who’s on your list?

Pet Peeves

We all have them but here’s a list of mine that happen right in my own house LOL.

  • Shoes left by the front door
  • Wet spots on the bathroom rug after showers
  • Inside out socks in the laundry
  • People who say “you know what I mean”
  • Lip smacking while eating
  • Toothpaste spit in the sink
  • Interruptions while I’m trying to explain something
  • Teenage mumbling
  • Needing 3 remotes just to watch 1 movie
  • When all the sofa cushions get used for a fort then get left there at bedtime
  • When dirty cups sit next to the sink instead of in it
  • When the little one insists on using real spoons and bowls in her play kitchen