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Most Annoying Toys Ever

Each birthday or holiday that rolls around I dread receiving some gifts that will inevitably end up buried in the closet, scattered on the floor or worse yet, the donation bin to torture another family. I’ll admit I’m guilty of buying gifts for other people’s children I knew would annoy the parents but this was before I realized the headaches they really caused. Here is my list of the MOST ANNOYING TOYS ever. And look at what’s  making a comeback, the #1 worst, Furby.

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Here is my list of MOST ANNOYING TOYS EVER

Furby-resembling a Magui, this robotic toy spoke its own language to other Furbies and would hold pseudo conversations with people as well as respond to being pet or moved. These things had NO off switch and often started speaking on its own while sitting in a closet or in a toybox. The craze for these things lasted about 2-3 holiday seasons resulting in about 40 million sold. Ours lasted a couple months before finding a new home in a dumpster somewhere.

Kids Pottery Wheel-only the craftiest of moms would appreciate something like this. The mess that comes along with spinning wet clay is similar to that of dried oatmeal. Just don’t do it, leave it on the shelf and walk away.

Lucky Ducks-this seemingly adorable simple game for toddlers is a nighmare to store. The on/off switch was on the top of the game so that meant every time you stacked another game on top it would turn on. The loud incessant quacking would begin and the ducks would move and out they came from the box. Now that’s what I call fun.

MoonSand-it’s wet-ish sand that you play with in the house. Need I say more.

Magical Talking Grill-a fun pretend play toy at first this got tons and tons of use but we started hearing things in the middle of the night. Bobby Q would fire up and bark orders while being alone in the playroom. He didn’t last long either.

Learn to Knit-this is just torture for a little girl that honestly would love to learn to knit. 4 instructions printed on a piece of paper just gives one long chain of knotted yarn, not the scarf or mittens the box promises.

Polly Pocket PollyWorld- teeny, choking hazards for kids and dogs aside, this flimsy home isn’t worth the cardboard walls it comes with. A gentle touch brings the staircase crashing down and the furniture toppling over causing a 4 year old to angrily redecorate all over again.

Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles-there’s nothing washable about these. The staining happens on clothing, furniture, cement… This idea that needs to go back to the drawing board.

Corn Popper-not the edible kind either. An original annoying toy that won’t die, no batteries required, powered by kid energy and we all know that never goes away.

Candyland DVD-a kids game should not entail moving all of the furniture. This game is repetetive, boring in lots of spots and loses its appeal in mere minutes. Stick with the old school board game.
Be a good friend, aunt, uncle, grandparent, Santa, whatever and stay away from these things. What are some of your annoying toy moments?
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