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Project 52 – Week 17

Welcome to my 17th week of Project 52. Project 52 is a weekly wrap-up of our lives.  Last year I tried to do Project 365 and I failed within a couple days.  This is a much better approach to give all of you a peek into our lives behind the blog.

project 52, weekly photos

A quiet week. The weather was spastic, rain, sun, rain, sun so we didn’t really go anywhere.  Last weekend Rob, Shaun, my bff Stacy and her husband and I went to a Philly Soul game; it was so much fun. The rest of the weekend was spent doing errands, taking Shae to soccer and me sleeping all day Sunday because I was sick.  Exciting HUH!

cuddle time with madi

this is our office space

shae named her rainbow alien


another alien and his transportation home

this is what happens when a teenager is bored




I Disclose

Project 52 – Week 8

Welcome to my 7th installment of Project 52, my attempt to capture life in a couple pictures once a week rather than each day.

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this week’s post. Actually I did forget about the post until Rob mentioned it a few minutes.  This week was busy too. I had a whole day with both my little nieces, we went to the Circus and the weather was gorgeous one day so we spent it outside. Enjoy!

cousins, just chillin

it feels like spring

tightrope walkers

A Day with the Family

This past weekend was a busy one. It was my youngest niece’s baptism. I was in charge of photos at the church and I think I did a pretty good job capturing the moment. Here are a few shots of Madi in her best moments of the day. Love ya bumpkin!

sleeping during the entire service
tears were a’rolling after the baptism
still pissed off about having water dumped on her head
she seemed to be more focused on Shaun’s ears than the pictures (that baby on the left is Ella, my brother’s daugher)