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Style Me Hired Makeovers in Philadelphia

In the Philadelphia area we have a group of professional that love to step up to the plate when times get rough for woman. Unemployment can hit hard not only financially but emotionally. Style Me Hired is a locally sponsored organization that provides image makeovers to woman who are unemployed and are trying to get back on the job hunt.

Marc Voci of Marc Voci Salon in Folsom, PA is the founder of Style Me Hired. He and his salon provides the hair cuts and colors for deserving woman all over the Philadelphia Area.

Jim DeMarco is the award winning make-up artist that puts the finishing touches to boost the women’s self esteem and confidence during the Style Me Hired sessions.

On September 24th, 2012, the Omni Hotel in the heart of Olde City will host the next Style Me Hired event. Along with Marc Voci and Jim Demarco the Career Wardrobe will be providing a complimentary professional outfit to each woman undergoing the makeover. A professional look is the final step in providing the confidence a woman needs to land that perfect job.

I’m sharing this story because I’ve met Marc Voci and his staff and they know how to make a woman feel special. I’m visiting his salon soon for my own personal makeover not related to Style Me Hired but because I was lucky enough to win a Gift Certificate from the Omni Mom Bloggers Beauty Brunch.

omni beauty bloggers brunch group

me getting my hair done by Marc Voci's Mom
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Bedroom Vanity Indulgence | Giveaway WSRW Blog Party

I love make-up. I think I said it before but I’ll say it again, I love make-up. I don’t even wear a lot of it or wear it every day but I have a bit of an obsession. For High School graduation my grandmother gave me one of those glass and brass bedroom vanities, but from then on I knew I couldn’t live without one. My Marni Merlot Bedroom Vanity Set from Hayneedle is by far the nicest one I’ve ever owned.

A dark rich chocolate wood veneer adds that sophisticated feel. Antiqued hardware adds the grown-up touch. With plenty of drawers and surface space for cosmetics, hair care, fragrance and more this vanity should last longer than that blue eye shadow you picked up on impulse. The stool is upholstered in a simple cream fabric that coordinates with any décor. Even though I don’t wear cosmetics often I like sitting in my own space to apply moisturizer, brush my hair or just file my nails. It’s a girly rite of passage to own a little private luxury bedroom vanity.

The vanity comes pretty much all in one piece. It took more time to take it out of the box than to install the mirror. Rob spent about 30 minutes total with this task. It’s a pretty heavy and bulky piece also; it took both both of us to carry it from the garage to our bedroom. With the bedroom furniture and decor makeover we’ve been doing this particular vanity is a perfect match to the look we are going for; warm, inviting, relaxing and refined. A great bonus to the vanity is the mini jewelry armoire located on the side. I’m planning on adding some extra hooks for bracelets or rings.

Hayneedle is giving a LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! reader their own Merlot Bedroom Vanity Set ($480 value). Visit Hayneedle and tell me what else you must have from their site (include link).
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Something is Missing

So last week I showed off pictures of our new living room couch and bed. Things are looking good and a bit more grown up around here. We replaced a sofa and love seat with 1 leather couch and moved around some existing chairs and cabinets. It’s way less cluttered but there is something missing.

empty corner

I think this is the perfect spot for sleek writing desk like one of these.

Something just big enough for a laptop, a frame and a couple pens. A little bit of storage would be great too. But I think somewhere to sit comfortably and just work would be a good fit. Right now this spot is bare, empty, blank and collecting dust bunnies.

We have a good amount of furniture in the living room so a large executive desk or hutch would be completely overwhelming. Sabreena received one for Christmas but it’s being used as a computer desks for home, stocked with supplies and papers and other junk. I want a delicate but useful piece of furniture placed right in that spot.

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Give Your Closet a Makeover

Give Your Closet a Makeover
By Carol Tuttle

If you are like most women, there are too many times you go into your closet with the thought, “I feel like I have nothing to wear!” as you stand there looking at a closet full of clothes!
Your husband has no clue why you could feel this way, because in his eyes, you have more than enough to wear in there!
The problem is not in quantity, the problem is in not having a closet full of clothes and other fashion items that you KNOW look great on you and more importantly you feel great in!
Too many times you have listened to “others” in making some of your fashion purchases, or you have used the “it fits and it’s on sale” as your only standard of what you should buy without any thought to “is this really the best for me? And do I love it?”
Take time this Spring to give your closet a makeover by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Go through your clothes and create 3 categories:
a. I haven’t worn it in a year and I probably won’t wear it in the next year – I just don’t like it
b. Maybe I like it
c. I love it!
Pile a. goes to a charity or Women’s Center. Go through pile b. again and really make a decision, be really honest, can you say you love it, if not it goes to pile a. Pile c. is the keepers.

2. Assess how much black you have hanging in your closet. If black clothes are taking up at least one third to half your closet, it is pretty gloomy in there. Commit to not buying any more black clothes until you have at least two-thirds to three-fourths of your closet in color.
3. Assess your shoes. Do you have some fun, stylish shoes you love? If not it’s time to get yourself a pair.
4. How old is your purse? If you have been using it for more than a year, it’s time to get a new one.
5. Do you have jewelry you have fun wearing? Get some fun jewelry that adds some spice to your outfits. No jewelry is like being served a birthday cake with no frosting… boring! Shoes, handbags, and jewelry are what make getting dressed fun!

Giving your closet a makeover does more for you than bringing new life to your closet, you get a makeover too, since what’s in your closet goes on you! Have fun sprucing your closet and yourself up!

Carol Tuttle is the best-selling author of Dressing Your Truth, a radio show host, a speaker, and a successful business woman as the creator and founder of Energy Profiling. Having worked in the self-help and self-realization field for most of her career, she has experienced the myriad of tools and systems we resource to assist us in discovering and living our truth. Get to know Carol a little better on BlogTalkRadio, Mondays 7-8PM, MST.

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Contest Dates: Begins April 6, 2010 | Entry Deadline June 1, 2010

This is a Guest Blog post, the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to the author, Carol Tuttle. Your experiences and reactions may differ.