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Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Ever walk through the craft store or flea market and see a great THING and think “That could be something amazing” but not know where to go from there. I think of myself as pretty crafty but I come up blank with ending ideas very often. I feel like I try to do to much, think of something too grand. Re-purposing and recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes the smallest changes to something can make a beautiful and purposeful impact.

These simple mason jar DIYs are a great start to get your creative muscles a workout.

Start with mason jars of all sizes and colors. Buy what appeals to you. I have an obsession with antique Blue Mason Jars with Zinc lids. I collect them when I can find them and actually use them all over my kitchen to hold baking supplies, spices and sometimes flowersHow to use Mason jars in the home

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder
This simple idea to add some country chic to the bathroom is from Fireflies and Mudpies. With the addition of some wire you instantly have a toothbrush holder for the family.
Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Use what you already have to make something special in a bathroom or kitchen. Don’t stop there either. This dispenser tutorial from Burlap and Babies shows how to use these for anything; add lotion, mouthwash, coffee syrups and more.
Mason Jar Vase
Another easy idea to use what you already have on hand. Grab some yard, twine, lace or paint and create a beautiful vase for flowers, herbs or candles. Make it as elegant or fun as you wish.
Mason Jar Candle Holder
Dump in some sand or colored stones and you’re done, top with a tealight Instant candle holder. If you don’t want to stop there, don’t. A couple brush strokes of your favorite paint color will transform a simple clear jar into a pretty and trendy candle holder to light up a dinner table or hallway.
Mason Jar Bowl
A couple times a week I add a scoop of oatmeal, some brown sugar, a handful of sliced almonds and milk to a jar. I top it with a lid and put it in the fridge. In the morning I grab it and go to work. This ensures I eat breakfast and it’s done the night before. Chia seeds are all the rage these days and make a fantastic overnight breakfast pudding.
Mason Jars for Storage
Use them as they were intended. Store food, household supplies, drinks, hardware and even kid’s stuff in them. They make everything more fun like these Superhero Jars created by Country Chic Cottage just for kids to store all of these little things that end up in the floor, in the vacuum or chewed up by the dog. 

Simple Mason Jar Ideas for the NOT Crafty

Adding some decorative touches to a mason jar will immediately transform it. My daughter is obsessed with Washi Tape so she’s wrapping it around everything she can get her hands on similar to this Washi Tape Jar from Nileey Sphere shown above. Maybe paint is your thing. Where you brush it on or spray it on it’s going to look amazing. These painted and distressed jars from It All Started With Paint can hold flowers, plants, paintbrushes and kitchen utensils for years to come when treated properly. Use what you have. Start simple and be proud of everything you create.