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I Miss Her

In a couple short weeks it’ll be the 2 year anniversary of my Mom-Mom’s sudden passing. I think about her often; there’s no way to avoid it since she’s everywhere in our home. I never realized how much I surrounded us with her presence till I really opened my eyes.

mom-mom's sewing kit now sits in my bedroom next to my vanity. for as long as I can remember it sat next to her chair in the family room.


my charm bracelet with a 4-leaf clover to represent mom-mom's Irish heritage

the pillowcases and hankies she embroidered. there is a set for each kid when they grow up and move away

mom-mom's rosary, she kept it in her purse all the time, it hangs on my vanity all the time

my throw that she crocheted, this sits on our bed every day.


her apron may be ugly and a weird plastic/vinyl but she used it all the time, the neck strap even still smells like her.

I know there are things in the house that are missing from the pictures above; like her grandmothers ring thats in my jewelry box, framed pictures of her, the blankets she made for the kids and a mommy necklace with mom-mom stamped on it.

I know she’s in a much better place right now. Her last couple days weren’t how she wanted to live life. She was active, she had friends, she had plans, she was on the go. Due to someone elses mistake all that was taken away. I never got to say goodbye. I never got to tell her how much I loved her one last time.

Our last visit with her was great though. I planned an impromptu post-Christmas get-together with my sister and brother, parents and uncle and of course the kids.  She was in her glory; her kids and grandkids and great grandkids were all together right in front of her.  I miss her very much.



I Disclose

Enjoying A Day At The Pool

This past Saturday at our pool was free guest weekend so we took advantage of it.  We invited Mom Mom and Pop Pop (Melinda’s Mom and Dad).  It was a great day and it was really hot and the kids were really excited mom mom and pop pop were at the pool. 

Our pool has 2 water slides and Shaun finally learned to swim enough so he was able to go down the slides and he was so excited.  I think he spent at least an hour or two on the slides. 
It was an awesome day and really relaxing and that is how I love to spend my Saturday afternoon. 

What’s Heaven-a book and discussion

What do you say to young ones when someone close has passed away? How do you explain heaven? How do you explain death?
This book is a touching story of Maria Shriver explaining all of these things to her children when they lost their grandmother Rose Kennedy many years ago.

“Heaven isn’t a place you see,” she explained. “It’s somewhere you believe in.”

The story approaches topics like funerals and the death of pets and distinguishing between body and soul. These are great beginnings to further conversations with your own children. The explanation of heaven is lovely and delicate it isn’t over the top with descriptions of pearly gates and harps and golden statues. It delivers a vision of peace and comfort that a child may comprehend without fear.

This beautiful and touching book, What’s Heaven was written by Maria Shriver and illustrated by Sandra Speidel. I recommend it even if you haven’t lost anyone. I’m not sure what my reason was for buying this several years ago but it is going to be helpful today.

Death has put its hand on our family this week. My grandmother, Mom Mom passed away very suddenly yesterday afternoon so I will be scarce for a couple days as we handle some details and arrange services. We’ve explained her death to the children but this should be a little more comforting.
Here is my Uncle Mickey and my father (right) with Mom-Mom.

Here is Mom Mom holding Shae for the first time she’s less than 2 weeks old.