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All Good Things Must Come to an End


Why do things that feel so right end? Why does your best friend need to move to another country? Why does the college trip have to end? Why do we all need to graduate and take up a job, instead of staying in college all our lives? Why do we need to move to a job which pays better, leaving the one which was so comfortable? Why can’t we simply continue our life the way it is right now?
Nothing lasts forever. Not even your best experiences. Things we embrace, times we enjoy, people we love, all come to an end. What eventually stay are the million memories we’ve made all along. A good book, school, college, a movie, your favorite TV show, all end at some point.
Remember your past in a glorious manner, instead of cribbing about the changes in your life. Let us rejoice our memories and be glad about it.

All good things must end, because there is always better, which is yet to come. There is always a more adventurous experience waiting for you at your doorstep. You need to accept the fact that this is now over, and instead of being sad about it, you should be excited about the new beginnings. As they say, every end is another new beginning.

Sometime you need to let go of things simply because you don’t want things to go bad in future. At times things that were good go sour only because you held on to it for far too long. At times things which are good right now are disrupted by unfortunate life events which leave a long-lasting negative effect. All of a sudden, something that was a source of joy and comfort is gone, leaving us with a bewildering void. Realize the right time. Leave before things go south.

Maybe at this point you are complaining about why it ended, but there would be a point in life when you would be mature enough to understand why it was necessary. You would realize that whatever happened was meant to happen and everything you are today, you are because you let things go at the right time.

‘The light is more powerful than the dark; and perhaps, in some sense, knowing those moments in our past that still glow are enough to enable us to let them go.’