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How to Make the Most of Networking Events

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You are here reading this article because you still value the good old tradition of talking face to face and having a real conversation instead of the humdrum of pseudo connectivity that the virtual world has made us all believe. However well and wide off we may be connected through the internet but there is no replacement to a networking event. To grow truly and make some real connections in your respective field of interest, you must attend networking events. But do not merely attend it. It is easy to sign up and show up for an event without doing anything productive at all. Neither do we nor do you want that for yourself. It is better that you network online than not make the most of such an event.

Here are a few tips you can use for your benefit so that the next networking event that you attend doesn’t turn into a sheer waste of time.

  • Do your homework

Being prepared boosts confidence. Being prepared includes knowing all about the event. If it’s a big event then there will be an app giving all the information about the event, its attendees. If there is not an app then try and get list of the people coming on the event. Shortlist the people whom you want to meet specifically. Prepare a short and concise speech about you and your company. At such events you have very less time and only a single opportunity to make an impression. First impressions are the last impression. So design your speech in such a way that it not only tells all the important information about you but also has a unique touch to it that sets you apart from the rest. Dress accordingly. There are some things that keep your confidence level high, good appearance is one of those. Don’t forget to carry business cards and pen-paper. These are the silliest and the most common errors that people make. Attend enough events so that you at least get over these habits.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

A networking event isn’t the place to be shy and quiet. To make the most of the event you have be in each moment and take initiatives. Set small goals like saying hello to ten new people that you meet. Learn to remember names. It puts a really good impression when you address someone by their name. Maintain eye contact with the person while having a conversation. Don’t wander off and look at other targets. It really puts off the conversation when someone does that and shows poorly on you. It reflects how serious you are about this thing. Pay attention and you will be paid attention when you speak. And always help others. It never goes in vain.

  • Follow up

Following up is very important else attending the event would just turn into a waste of time. If you did well at the event and made new connections then do follow them up. Thank them through an email after the event. Call or text them. Do not go overboard with it but don’t let yourself be forgotten.

Carpe Diem my dear friend!