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I’m a Nielsen Power Mom

Yes you read that right. I, Melinda of LookWhatMomFound, am on Nielsen’s Online Power Mom 50 list. According to Nielsen I’m a leading voice in the mom blogosphere based on a myriad of criteria such at blog posts, comments and Twitter numbers. You can stop laughing now!

I saw an email about the list and skimmed it quickly, not really sure who or what I was looking for and didn’t give it another thought. I started getting tweets and emails congratulating me for making the list. I had no idea what was going on and the terrible part was I was away from a computer all weekend so I couldn’t even check it out for myself.

To be quite honest I’m honored to be listed with these other phenomenal mommies, The Power of “Power Moms” . I read most of these blogs already and the ones I don’t I will be sure to visit very soon. The support I’ve received is cherished and I love all of my readers and my sponsors have been wonderful. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Check out The Motherload at Hi, I’m Rob for easier ways to read the entire list.

Thank you!