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Fun with Outdoor Toys

Our weekends are our time to spend not just as a family but as part of a close knit community that actually gets together to do things as a group. Friday and Saturday nights are our bonfire night. We share the duties with our neighbors, we all pitch in with s’more’s supplies, pie iron ingredients and even toys and games for the kids.

For months we’ve been hijacking one little boy’s light up bow and arrow set. The kids get a kick out of playing it at night so they have an excuse to play in the dark. They’ve made up rules and a point system with prizes of extra marshmallows or who gets to pick the movie when it’s time to go in.
Air Storm Firetek Light Up Bow and Arrow
There’s no more having to borrow anymore. Sabreena, Shae and Shaun are now enjoying their own ZING Air Storm Firetek Bow. This high performance but low tech toy is exactly what the kids love to so outdoors.
Air Storm Firetek Light Up Bow and Arrow

Air Storm Firetek Light Up Bow and Arrow

Maybe it was the introduction of the movie Brave but bows of all kinds are hot. In our community alone about 6 families have some version of a bow & arrow set that they bring out to play with.

This particular one has a light up feature that allows the kids to play at night. It’s bright enough that they can shoot it across the field so everyone goes scrambling. The materials are very kid friendly too. Made of lightweight plastics and foam no one is getting hurt at least not seriously.

Besides the night time light up feature the kids also get a kick out of the whistle as the arrow goes flying through the air. It’s the indicator that it has gone fast and far.

for about $30 (affiliate link) this is a great toy for boy or girl, at least the age of 6 even though packaging says 8. I’d even say a dexterous 5 year old could have lots of fun once they managed the right hand eye coordination.

The fun doesn’t stop there for great outdoor toys. The kids love playing all kinds of hunting, shooting, capture, war games. The Dart Zone Scorpion Gatling Blaster is a fully automatic motorized foam dart gun that has a rapid fire action for high intensity games. I’m a witness to say these sting a bit when you’re hit but that doesn’t deter the rougher boys of the group. The girls weren’t a fan.

Dart Zone Gatling Blaster

Unfortunately like most of our dart gun toys we’ve lost most of the foam darts. The kids have a couple acres to run around and play but they aren’t good about retracing steps to find the casualties.  Finding replacements online is proving to be a touch difficult. Hopefully by spring we can replenish our supply for a season of fun.

The Dart Zone Gatling Blaster is available exclusively at Walmart and for just under $20.

Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster by Prime Time Review

Shaun and his friends in the neighbor play war and games similar to this often with foam dart guns so when I was asked to review the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster by Prime Time I was all over it.

Shaun currently has a few foam dart guns but nothing that compares to this Gatling style battery operated beast. It holds 48 foams darts in 12 barrels and when you show up to play war with the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster everyone knows you mean business. It also runs on 4 AA batteries.

Shaun was excited when he got the opportunity to use The Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster. It says this is for indoor and outdoor use but I would recommend using this strictly outdoors. It shoots darts easily 40-50 feet so that is why I say it should probably be used strictly outdoors. Overall Shaun said this gun was really cool and the best foam dart gun he has but the one complaint he had was that is jammed a lot. This could be because Shaun is 7 years old and isn’t using it 100% properly but I wanted to be honest and mention this. I also feel the gun is a little loud but not sure what I was expecting as we have never owned a battery operated foam dart gun. Again, neither of the last two opinions takes away from the awesomeness of this gun. I even had a chance to play with the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster and took a few shots at Shaun, Melinda and Sabreena. In my opinion it felt like it was a really solid foam dart gun and for approximately $24.99 you can’t go wrong.

If you are looking for a really awesome foam dart gun that is super affordable then you need to get the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster that retails for approximately $24.99 and is sold exclusively at Toys R Us.

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