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Who Has Time?

According to a new Evenflo Savvy Parents survey 47% of new moms say they have less sex now than before they had kid. This means your once a week “love” night has turned into a twice monthly appointment. Interestingly, only 20% of dads report less sex as a result of having kids. Where were they the other 27% of the time? The first stats seem right on track to me. I mean between work, school, homework, housework, bedtime, bathtime, dinner time and downtime who has ANY TIME left in the day for sex.

Parents also say they had to make adjustments to accommodate nookie time; 46% of parents have sex at different times of the day and 54% of dads say quickies are king. Evenflo is making light of the situation in their final installment of the Savvy Parent’s Guide with How to Make Nappy Time Happy Time.

Hopefully some sex-deprived parents can get a good laugh or maybe some inspiration.

The Importance of Comments-with a funny twist, Say the Things

Our friend Greg-Telling Dad has some opinions to share about the comments that you readers leave on the blogs you read.  He wrote the lyrics and edited this awesome song.
I along with a bunch of other blog celebrities, their families and of course Greg’s family (the cutie curly top tot is Kamryn, Greg’s daughter) participated in a song/video parody to the tune of Miley’s 7 Things. I actually hadn’t heard the original song before Greg’s video; his vocalist is awesome!!!

Check out the antics, foolishness and passion the other bloggers and I show for their blog then head over to Telling Dad and tell him what a great job he did.  Seriously, it is awesome!!!  (i’m in 3 different spots, can you see me)