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Does the InkJoy Bring Me Joy?

I’m a bit of a hoarder. No you won’t find boxes of old receipts and magazines in the corners or empty margarine tubs piling up in kitchen cupboard or rotting food in the fridge. You WILL find 2 cabinets full of craft and office supplies. I love having a variety of things at my fingertips to craft, organize, list or whatever. Pens and other writing utensils are my real downfall. I have oodles of them all over the house, in each handbag, in my bedside table in the kitchen junk drawer and of course in my precious cabinets.

kitchen stash

PaperMate is attempting to add to my addiction with their introduction of Inkjoy pens.

InkJoy has developed a revolutionary ink to give you a smooth and smudge free finish; the look of a gel with the feel of a ball point. This newest release of pens seems to have brought out the worst in people. Did you know 100% of office workers admit to stealing pens.

worlds most stolen pen, inkjoy pen


I’m a sharer of my pens so I put my whole collection out for everyone to use and even gave one to my sister. Sadly the orange arrived already disfigured so I never had a chance with that one. I’ve been using 700RT for writing in my notebook and the colorful 300RT for quick notes like shopping lists or calendar additions. I prefer the 700RT but still find a little fit of smudging. I notice the occasional dot of ink left on the page. But it writes well, doesn’t need a heavy hand and doesn’t leave blank spaces within my words like some ball points do.

While the InkJoy 700RT has taken residence in my handbag it hasn’t replaced my favorite pen with my notebook. Like PaperMate on Facebook and enter to win $2500 in their World’s Most Stolen Pen contest.

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