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Having A Hard Time Finding Balance

How the heck do parents, fathers, and mothers find a good balance between work, family and personal time?

I am a UPS driver and my day typically starts around 7am and typically ends around 7:30pm. By the time I get home from work I am utterly exhausted and find that I have zero time for anything other than eating dinner, showering and going to bed.  I feel like the kids stay up later than I do especially during the summer and I definitely feel like I barely see my kids until the weekend rolls around.  It is soooo frustrating and annoying but I know that I need to work and make money for my family but at times it really bums me out that I am never home.


I love the rare days when I am off or get home before 7pm because it feels like I have sooo much time to spend with the kids and Melinda.  That happens maybe once a week which is better than nothing so I know I shouldn’t complain.

I thought I hated my office job but I always (99% of the time) got off at 5pm and was home by 6pm.  I would kill for those hours again but that ship has sailed so I should stop living in the past because those hours will never happen again.

I know that I should be happy to have a job because a lot of people don’t and I am very thankful that I do I just wish I was able to get home a little earlier each night. That is all that I am asking for.

Do you have a crazy work schedule? How do you balance work and family?

Some Things Don’t Matter Anymore

In my youth and young adulthood I had lots of passions and things I cared about.  A marriage and 3/kids later some of those things fell by the wayside. Most of them are not important. Some I’ve just chosen to.pick my battles with. With maturity comes a new priority system.

Some Things Don't Matter Anymore

Lipstick. I loved loved lipstick. I remember having a box full in my vanity and always having at least 3 in my purse so I could always have just right shade for any situation. Today I have an assortment of lip balms. Most are NOT even tinted. Bright vibrant lips aren’t as important to me as they used to me.

The direction of the Toilet Paper Roll. I was a die hard OVER girl. If I went into a bathroom, any bathroom and the roll was facing under I would change it. Yup. I was that friend, neighbor or family member that would change it. I’m just happy that there’s toilet paper on the roll when I get in there that means my kids have done something right by not leaving me with nothing when I need it the most.

Toilet Paper Roll Direction

Real pants. Leggings and yoga pants provide coverage and warmth needed to be outdoors. And my butt still looks good in them so BONUS.

Television series. In the day and age of Tivo, On Demand and Netflix I no longer have to stay up late (10pm) to catch my favorite show. I remember living my life around Sex in the City in Sunday nights. It was late enough that I could be done with errands and activities but still early enough to watch while getting ready for night out with my own girls. Today I don’t watch anything live. I live and breathe by  my Netflix account. I binge watch a month’s worth of shows in a weekend that I couldn’t get to earlier.

Perfectly Folded and Put Away Laundry is a luxury these days.  I’m happy with clean laundry and that’s enough for me. Trying to find a few spare moments to put things away is something I chose to pass on because there are better things I can do with that time, like eat a hot meal or do a puzzle with the kids.

Opinions. Back in the day I wanted approval from friends, family, boyfriends, strangers eyeing me on the street. These days I don’t care what other’s think of me or the way I’m living my life. I do what I think is best for me and family and that’s all that matters.

This just goes to show that with age comes maturity come new prioritization. Nothing in life is constant.  We evolve, we grow and we realize what really matters in life.

Stressful Year End – Ready To Ring In The New Year!!!

The month of December for me has been a pretty stressful month to say the least.  You would think Christmas and shopping are the reasons for my stress but to be honest those two things were the least of my worries.  I have been going through some personal issues along with Sabreena’s surgery and also add on top of all of this a new job and I am at my stress limit.

I have been flip flopping on a new job offer since the beginning of December.  The offer is like anything else in life as it has its positives and its negatives.  Unfortunately I have been extremely unhappy at my current job that even with the negatives of the new position I still feel I am better off then staying where I currently am.  I hope I am making the right decision but I guess there is no turning back now.

I am so looking forward to the New Year and hoping things start to look up and things start to pan out like they are suppose to as I can’t deal with to many more months like this December.

Come on 2011 I am ready for ya!!!!

Are you ready to ring in 2011???