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I Caught A Glimpse Of The President and Vice President

Yesterday President Obama and Vice President Biden were in Wilmington, Delaware at the Grand Opera House endorsing Chris Coons for US Senate.  Since I work 2 blocks from the Grand Opera House and left work at 2pm I thought I would try to catch a glimpse of the President.  When I got to King Street which is where the back door to the Opera House is I could see the Presidential cars so I waited around for about 30 minutes to see him drive by which happened in two seconds. LOL.  He was headed to New Castle County airport where he would then head back to DC.  It was really cool but really unbelievable how many cops, security and Secret Service agents it takes to escort the President and Vice President. 
It was one of those things that you might not ever get a chance to see again but I wish the driver would have slowed down a little bit. LOL.