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Pallet Board Card Display DIY

The holiday cards are coming in and I’m prepared to show them off this year in a unique way. There was a time when we had a fireplace mantle that was home to cards and holiday greetings but today we don’t.  Instead this year I’m showing off my beautiful friends and family with a little DIY style with this Pallet Board Card Display.Pallet Board Card Display

Creating this display piece gives not just my card but all the greetings we receive a special home where they can be viewed and admired. We just happened to have pallets in our garage for another pending project, and all the other materials we’re already in the garage. This card display cost me nothing to make.


  • pallet board, barn wood, unused shelf
  • sandpaper, 110 grit
  • wood stain & rag
  • staple gun
  • twine or ribbon
  • embellishments (bows, flowers, greenery)


  • Lightly sand your board to remove harsh edges, splinters and dirt.  Using a rag stain the board your preferred color then let dry a couple of hours or over night.
  • Using a staple gun attach your ribbon or twine to the back of your board and start wrapping in your desired design. I added a few staples in the way down in case of twine breakage.  I also added a glitter ribbon to give it a little color and sparkle.

DIY Pallet Board Card Display

        • Using the twine make a loop on the back of your board to act as the hanger.
        • Add whatever decorations you want. I created some burlap roses and attached them to the top of my board using a hot glue gun.  It was instantly ready to hang. Totally this project took me 2-3 hours total plus some waiting time.

I hope you noticed our card on the top of my Pallet Board Card Display.  The card arrived in the mail right before Thanksgiving so I was able to show it off to my family and everyone was very impressed with the rich colors and heavy feel. It felt stronger than a store bought card, more like a vintage postcard.  I adore the matte finish too.  It feels much more professional and higher quality than the super shiny options out there.

DIY Pallet Board Card Display

There is still time to get your own holiday cards in time for Christmas and/or New Years. Choose from options with a Religious sentiment or a handmade quality or even something more whimsical if that fits your personality.  Whatever you’re looking for you’re bound to find something that works in the theme, size or design you’re looking for.