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Random Acts of Kindness

Some days can be so hectic and over scheduled that the pure thought of dealing with people can cause a headache. But have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Has someone ever taken a small step to make your life a touch easier for that moment? Simple acts like holding the door for a mom pushing a stroller or allowing someone ahead in the grocery line can uplift spirits and renew hope for humanity.

This list of 50 ideas hosts a variety of things to complete simple acts of kindness for all types of situations, budgets and lifestyles.

  1. On your way returning your shopping cart, take a fellow shoppers as they finish loading up their car.
  2. Pick up the phone and talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  3. Give credit or kudos to a co-worker.
  4. Buy the handmade item your friend is selling to make money.
  5. Leave a note of thanks for the good service on a restaurant bill.
  6. Leave a note on a public restroom mirror that says “You look gorgeous”
  7. Mow your neighbor’s lawn or rake their leaves after you’ve done yours.
  8. Smile and say hello to someone walking down the hall.
  9. Arrange a playdate with the neighbor’s child.
  10. Ask someone what they need.
  11. Volunteer your time and expertise.
  12. Leave a small gift or note of appreciation for your mail carrier.
  13. Remember birthdays.
  14. Leave pennies next to the fountain.
  15. Give up your seat for someone who needs it.
  16. Clean up a neighborhood park.
  17. Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch.
  18. Order dinner for delivery for a friend you know is having a busy day.
  19. Compliment a stranger.
  20. Let a car in front of you during rush hour.
  21. Send a friend or family member and old photo or memory.
  22. Make a donation to Girls Scouts/Boy Scouts without expecting something in return.
  23. Leave a sweet note in your partner’s lunch.
  24. Bring a homeless a meal.
  25. Buy what your neighbor’s child is selling.
  26. Leave a treat on a co-worker’s desk when they aren’t looking.
  27. Tell a parent how well behaved their child is in public.
  28. Gather gloves, hats and scarves and donate them to a shelter.
  29. Order dessert for another table and pay for it.
  30. Bring fresh flowers to a friend’s house.
  31. Learn to say hello in a friend’s native language.
  32. Leave extra time in the meter.
  33. Send a note of thanks to the school nurse.
  34. Donate old towels and blankets to animal shelter.
  35. Leave kind notes on cars in a parking lot.
  36. Send a care package to soldier.
  37. Stop a child dressed in a superhero costume and thank him for his bravery.
  38. Put money in a vending machine without buying anything.
  39. Donate new and gently used stuffed animals to SAFE.
  40. Place a bunch of paper hearts or stars in an envelope, give it to a child.
  41. Post a positive review of your favorite restaurant or store online.
  42. Donate funds through Kiva to help someone start their own business.
  43. Plant flowers in your neighbor’s garden.
  44. Donate books to school library.
  45. Bring cookies to the local fire house.
  46. Compliment a person you do not like.
  47. Keep a stash of lollipops in your purse, hand them out freely.
  48. Pay for a magazine subscription for the new parents.
  49. Keep an extra umbrella in your car, hand it to someone who needs it.
  50. Give away and awesome “something” on Craigslist.