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Holiday Wishlist 2010 – Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Chair Giveaway

Comfort is key when it’s time to settle down in the living room. Yeah the sofa and chairs are comfortable but you know what’s even better; a Comfy Sack. A Comfy Sack is a “bean bag” with a twist.

Comfy Sacks uses superior foam and quality fabrics than any other foam bag chair company on the market. Their foam is softer and more comfortable because they use premium furniture grade foam.

We received our Comfy Sack bean bag chair about a month ago and were amazed at the size of the box it same in. I knew we ordered a 6Foot Lounger but the package was no bigger than Shae. The process of opening it, setting it up and fluffing up the foam took just minutes but it was a hysterical few minutes. We were all amazed at the size it finally ended up being. Fully fluffed it is taller than Shae but soft enough that she can climb on easily. It may not have been the smartest idea to get such a large Comfy Sack because it takes up so much room but I can’t imagine not having it in the living room.

packed up tight

The 6 foot lounger is big enough the kids to all sit together and watch a movie and best of all big enough that Rob and I can take a quick nap on Saturday afternoon. Imagine having company over for football and having this for an extra 2 or 3 seats. It’s a perfect spot to tackle my niece and tickle her till she can’t breathe. It’s used so much that when we had to move it out of the room for a party my son cried thinking we got rid of it. A small bean bag chair would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom as a gaming seat, reading spot or quiet spot to just play, relax or doze. With plenty of colors and materials to choose from you can pop a Comfy Sack into almost any room for instant seating, comfort, warmth and play. I say play because we probably use it in ways we aren’t supposed to (like launching baby dolls into the air after jumping on it from the sofa).

Shae and Madi

minutes after assembly

mommy and shae napping

This is a good fit for our family even though it takes up a ridiculous amount of space in our living room. This holiday season LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! is giving away a 3.5 foot suede Sack (winner chooses the color), $181 value. Visit Comfy Sacks and tell me which bean bag (size/color/style) would get the most use in your home.

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