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In the Love for Italy


Italy has made its mark all over the globe. From the globally famous cuisine to the many historical parts that you can visit, Italy has it all. From the quaint countryside to tourist hotspots that dot the country, Italy should be on everyone’s travel list.

While, visiting Italy, it’s a waste to not live in cottages in Italy, some of the most scenic vacation rentals, where you can enjoy Italy like it was meant to. The familiarity and the enthusiasm of the locals are also fantastic, so if you want to indulge in local culture, there’s no other place in the Earth where you’ll be more welcomed. Below are some of the most pleasant places to form memories in Italy.

Valley of the Mills

The best way to describe the Valley of the Mills would be creepy. After the local flour mills and sawmills were shifted, the old structures remained. Now, they stand testament to humankind’s effort. Aggressive greenery has taken route in the arrangements leading to an odd look at the future. Check out the story of the milling culture that was the backbone of Italy back in the day, also see the way the old buildings used to operate.

Finally, though, stop, and take a sober look at the way human work always falls back to nature.

2. Santa Maria della Concezione Crypts

A Capuchin Friar once told that we all go back to the Earth. Nowhere is it clearer than this crypt. One of the places where some of the oddest burial ceremonies in the world were performed, this is somewhere you should go to. Enjoy the Crypts, and the stories they hold dear. Hundreds of Capuchin Friars were buried here, with their bones being used to decorate the walls. The walls were supposed to be reminders of how death comes.

The grim reaper is also built here, with instruments all made of bones. Some of the halls contain different body parts, with a house of skulls being one of the main attractions. One of the reminders of our diverse religious history, these Crypts are a sobering and yet, beautiful memory you’ll carry with you.

3. The Sunken City of Bala

Bala was where the rich and famous came to Party. For some centuries this city attracted people like Nero to its footsteps. However, after being raided and left for dead, the town sunk under water. Now, the remains are the attraction of an underwater park, where you can see the archeological ruins up close. See how the Romans used to live once upon a time, and what the epitome of luxury was for them.

One of the most beautiful memories to take back is the memory of swimming between the ruins while scuba diving. The waters hold wonders of wildlife, and the city looks so much grander when you see it at that range.

4. Libreria Acqua Alta

The most beautiful bookstore in the world is also one of the only floating bookstores in the world. The constant flooding of Venice means the books are kept in gondolas and bathtubs creating one of the best exact moments of your trip. FIlled with books from every corner of the world, this is a book lover’s dream. Buy a book from here and visit one of the local cafes to enjoy yourselves on some local coffee and stories.

5. Burano Islands

A set of four islands in Italy started a ritual back in the day. They began to paint their houses in bright colors. The style caught the eyes of many tourists visiting the place. So much so, that when the colors started to fade, the villagers began repainting it every two years. The Burano Islands are fascinating for the startling array of colors that welcome you from the moment when you start traveling through. Neon colors that seem like some graphical wonder come to life. Check out the Lacework museum too. These island’s residents were purveyors of lace, and some of the most beautiful artworks are displayed in the museum.

6. Herculaneum

While the effect on the city of Pompeii was instantaneous, the citizens of Herculaneum had some warning. So, this small village had the chance to evacuate. However, they left a marvel behind. Some of the most well-preserved remains of civilization have been uncovered here. You can check out the various frescos and frescos that withstood the damage. As many as 400 human remains were found in the city, and the historians have said that most of them might have been slaves. Remember to check up the Herculaneum library, once one of the largest libraries of the wall. The papyri that have been found here are securely stores in the Nation Library in Naples.

7. Neptune’s Grotto

Filled with natural stalactites and stalagmites, this is one of the most famous Grottos in Italy. You can check out the rock formations when the tide isn’t high, and they allow the visitor to visit the long Grotto on feet as you see the various parts.

Only a few hundred meters of the actual cave system is open to the public because of the unknown dangers and the studies. Check out the various structures formed by the rocks to see on what a massive scale Nature works.

8. The Rainbow Lake

It’s said that an actual Rainbow has been distributed through the lake, and once you visit the region you would know exactly why. One of those places out of Italian fairy tales, the local lore about this is fascinating. A rainbow was built by a sorcerer who had fallen in love with a nymph. However, the nymph didn’t love him back and escaped humanity forever. The sorcerer then proceeded to break the rainbow. These are the fragments of color you’ll find at this place.