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Ready To Play Some Hockey With Rinksters?

I am a huge fan of hockey and am pretty excited to talk about Rinksters from Visimonde.

Rinksters is a Hockey-themed Virtual World aimed at children ages 6 to 12.  Rinksters allows players to customize their own avatar, play games, build trading cards, collect coinage, chat with buddies, and skate through an ice-covered world.

For parents who are like myself and worry every time there kids are online playing a game rest assure that Rinksters is safe and secure creating a worry free zone for parents.

Rinksters is going to be presented at Startup Edmonton on November 17th as Visimonde was selected as one of the ten hottest startups in town for Launch Party Edmonton 2.

The public launch of the game will be early next year, but people who sign up at right now are eligible to receive free stuff and test the beta version of the game, which will launch in December.  To me that is awesome because I am all about playing a game before it is even released to the general public. 

Head over to and get signed up now so you don’t miss out on any information on this awesome game!

Also, be sure to visit Rinksters on Twitter and Facebook.