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Why Waking Up Early is a Good Idea

As much as we all love sleeping, we don’t realize how beautiful the world is at dawn. The sun has a different shade of an orangish-red hue; a slight cold breeze; whizzing chirr of the insects; the world is just beginning to awaken. Early mornings capture nature’s beauty in the most memorizing manner. 

Waking up early in the morning keeps your body and mind fresh for the rest of the day – you get breath in the fresh air before the air is polluted again by the traffic and also get to bask in the sunlight. People usually have misconceptions regarding early mornings, and consider getting up early exhausting. Change your attitude when it comes to waking up early. Imagine a perfect morning that is beautiful and full of opportunities every night before you go to sleep. Imagine yourself feeling fresh and energetic as soon as you wake up and then carrying on the same attitude for the day. Life is what you make of it. 

Go for walk

Start your mornings by things you like to do – going on morning walks, reading novels, listening to the radio, hitting the gym. You can dedicate the early morning to yourself and get a few peaceful hours in before your kids wake up. With kids, you know how difficult it is to sit down and relax, this gives you a perfect way to charge yourself for the chaos that ensues as soon as the children are out of bed.

Early rising can boost your mood for the entire day and improve your sleep cycle. By waking up at least an hour early, you can use the quiet morning time to mentally organize or plan out your day. The best way to avoid hitting the snooze button a hundred times is, by setting your alarm clock at least 20 minutes earlier than normal. Let’s say today you set the alarm at 8:40AM instead of 9:00 AM, the next day set your alarm to 8:20AM, afterwards 8:00AM and so on till to get the hang of it. This helps you ensure that you listen to your body and ease it into a new routine and don’t spend your whole day feeling tired and restless.

Try to turn off your phones and laptops an hour before you want to go to sleep, because the bright lights suppress the hormone melatonin, messing up your sleep. Avoid using electronics or looking at screens before going to bed, studies have shown that it makes us difficult to fall asleep. Waking up early means you have to sleep early because we need to get the proper amount of sleep needed by our body.

If you can manage to instill the habit of getting up early in your children as well then you can have a nice and peaceful bonding time with them. You can do activities together like going on a walk or reading. It will just make it more fun and give your kids a chance to enjoy an activity in harmony with you. You can have a proper family time before they go off to school, you can teach them how to do things and have them help you prepare breakfasts. You can also teach them meditation and yoga to start the day right. The possibilities, that waking up early brings, are endless.