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FOLLOW UP – Shaun’s Doctors Appointment

On Wednesday Shaun had an appointment with our family doctor so we could begin talks on getting Shaun evaluated for ADD/ADHD.  Our doctor is so cool and when he first came into the room he spoke with Shaun first asking him if he knew why he was at the doctors.  Shaun told him why he thought he was there and he was right then we moved on with talking with the doctor. 

The doctor went over things that could be possible signs and gave Melinda and I some paperwork that needs to be filled out by us and by Shaun’s teachers.  After all of the paperwork is filled out we will then move forward in determining what needs to be done.  The doctor would not talk about any treatment plans or medication.  He told us lets do the paperwork first and move from there which I thought was cool because I do not want to rush into anything.

Melinda is trying to get an appointment with Shaun’s teachers today as she had one Wednesday but it was cancelled due to the snow storm.   So we are on our way to getting to the bottom of this but it is going to take a few weeks but I am ok with that.  I don’t want to rush Shaun’s diagnosis.  We will continue to keep everyone posted!

Our Poor Boy Shaun

Recently Shaun’s quarterly school evaluation came home and it wasn’t good.  It said Shaun talks excessively in all of his classes, distracts others and is below 2nd grade level.  Needless to say Melinda and I aren’t happy and are very upset about this. 

At his last report card Shaun was at “Meets 2nd Grade Expectations” so we are a little suprised at his declining progress in school.  Melinda called to set up a meeting with all of his teachers for this Thursday and a doctors appointment for today.

Melinda and I want to get Shaun evaluated to see if he may have ADD.  I know people think ADD is an excuse but we have been putting this off for a year or so and we can’t ignore it any longer.  Shaun talks excessively, is easily distracted, always moving and has zero attention span.  I am not a fan of medicating young children but if it helps Shaun in school and life I am all for it.  I want Shaun to be successful and I feel right now he is to hyper and distracted for that to happen. 

We will make sure to update everyone as these appointments take place and let you know how things are progressing.