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AboutOne-and introduction

Organized, efficient, well-rounded and resourceful; these are terms that should describe any SAHM running a household. Unfortunately this hasn’t completely been a good depiction of me. I’m forgetful, I lose things, I’m forgetful, I work on projects last minute and oh did I say I’m forgetful.

In comes AboutOne- an online family information management system that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Started out of necessity AboutOne is a tool for every family. AboutOne was designed by moms and dads for moms and dads to make managing all that household information fast, fun, and easy. With just a few clicks your information is stored with bank-level security, and all your posts can then be combined or mixed together in new ways, saving you time on everyday chores like creating family newsletters, scrapbooks, hardcover photo albums, and creating and mailing holiday cards, or completing school forms, college applications, caregiver instructions, and tax returns.

Recently our son was diagnosed with ADD; I wanted a central place to keep all of the paperwork from the doctors and teachers so that I could keep track of his progress, medications and efforts from all parties. I’m working on getting all documents in order so I can scan and store them online with AboutOne. Doing this will allow me to access the information from the doctor’s office or school without having to carry everything with me.

Even without specific diagnosis you can create a health profile for every member of your family. Chart vitals, past medications, insurance information and identifying birthmarks or scars. Immunization recommendations change so frequently that it’s impossible to know what is expected at each well visit. Keep track of what has been administered over the years in case of doctor or insurance switch or if you’ve encountered a child with the dreaded chicken pox.

About One is all about keeping your important information in one place and easily accessible at any time. Update your life as it happens.

This post was written to introduce you to AboutOne and some of the features available.  I am a Mom Panelist for AboutOne.