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Simplehuman Is The Answer!!

Soap dispensers are essential in the bathroom and kitchen but I hate using disposable ones for two reasons. One they are ugly and two they are wasteful. This is where simplehuman steps in with their senor pump to save the day.

Simplehuman takes the ugly out of soap dispensers and they are refillable so it make them eco-friendly and economical. We received the 14oz brushed nickel senor pump and I must admit I likey. They are easy to use and you are able to adjust how much soap you want dispensed with the push of the + or – on the top of the dispenser. It is hand free which is awesome for the kids and it has a clear soap chamber so you can see when the soap is running low. Only drawback in my opinion it is runs on 4AA batteries and I have three of these so I needed twelve batteries. Other then that I love them.

The sensor pump is the perfect tool for dispensing soap, lotion or sanitizer in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink without worry of cross-contamination. We actually have one in our bathroom, one in the kid’s bathroom and one in the kitchen. The ones in the bathroom we use regular hand soap but the one in the kitchen we actually fill it will dishwashing soap so now we don’t have the ugly bottle sitting on the back of the sink.

Simplehuman makes everyday products like soap dispensers and trash cans more efficient for the busy person’s everyday like. Go over to Simplehumn and checkout their other entire product line you will be glad you did.

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