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Scents & Sensibilities Candle Boutique Review

I am a guy (as if you didn’t know) but I love the smell of candles in the house. Just a simple candle can make the house smell awesome and change your whole attitude and I was pretty excited to do a review for Scents & Sensibilities Candle Boutique.

Scents & Sensibilities Candle Boutique specializes in homemade, high quality, triple scented soy candles. Since they use soy wax and natural coated cotton wicks you get a soot-free, long lasting, clean burning candles. I can vouch for the triple scented because when I opened the box upon delivery I was hit with warm vanilla sugar and pumpkin pie all at once, YUMMY!!!

Scents & Sensibilities Candle Boutique pours there candles fresh daily and once your order is placed they are poured and shipped immediately. I really like the poured fresh daily aspect of these candles. I’m not sure if candles are like food but it would seems that if they are poured fresh daily you are going to receive a much better candle and it will burn and last longer. Maybe I am wrong here but that is what I am thinking.

In addition to freshly poured candles Scents & Sensibilities Candle Boutique also offers tarts, soaps, specialty candles and ready to ship candles. They offer many scents and color options so you are going to find that perfect candle for that special occasion.

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