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American Express Teaches Safe Spending

I can remember when I was around fifteen or sixteen having a regular after school and summer job. For my age I felt like I made pretty decent money but I spent just about everything I made. I wasn’t a really big saver and was really never taught the fundamentals of saving for a rainy day. I can remember a few of my friends saving a lot of what they earned from working and eventually bought a nice car with cash and extras that their parents wouldn’t buy them.

Now that I have a fifteen soon to be sixteen year old I am starting to think about getting her a checking/savings account that will come with a debit card so she can begin to learn financial responsibility and practice safe spending. I want Sabreena to learn how to budget her money for things that she wants but at the same time I want her to save a few bucks for that rainy day.

Last year when Sabreena was a freshman in high school she took an accounting/business class which I suggested she do so that she could get acquainted with accounting and business practices. Not entirely sure this class with help her be more financial responsible but at least she has been exposed to an accounting class which in my opinion can only help her in the future.

I feel as parents we talk to our kids about drinking, drugs and sex but nothing when it comes to money. We need to teach our kids to be responsible with their money and hope that the few things we do teach our children will stick. As parents all we can do is guide and provide the information necessary for our kids to be successful.

If you have kids have you spoke to them about being financial responsible? Do they have their own bank account?

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of American Express and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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Get $25 from PASS from American Express

She’s spending more time with friends shopping, eating, hanging out on Main Street. She’s got her phone, her iPod and now her own PASS Card from American ExpressSM. All she needs is her license and car and she won’t need Mommy and Daddy anymore; that is until she runs out of money on her PASS Card.

The PASS Card is PREPAID reloadable “credit” card. It’s safer than cash, convenient to monitor, easy to add funds and risk-free of overdraft. The program is geared to teens and young adults as a way to teach financial responsibility. We can send our kids to the mall or movies with a little peace of mind that they will only spend a certain dollar amount. This can teach them how to balance shopping for the things they need versus they things they want, shopping on price rather than just fashion and how to track how much money is spent on things like their half caf grande soy vanilla chai skinny latte no foam habit.

What I like best about this program is the no-chance-of-losing-the-money-I-just-handed-you concept. Sabreena is a great student, super sweet, responsible, caring and smart. That being said she’s sometimes a bit scatter-brained. This lets me hand her the card and know it’s safe if she drops it, leaves it in another pair jeans or worse, leaves it at a store. If the PASS is lost or stolen the cardholder isn’t responsible for fraudulent charges AND AMEX will replace the funds.

Find out for yourself the convenience and ease of the PASS card by signing up for yourself. If you do before April 25th you’ll receive and an additional FREE $25 by using code SS25 when you order a $25 card. Start your kids off on the right financial foot. Start talking budgets, limits and responsibility with them today so they make smart decisions in the future.

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