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Cashable and Sticky Bonus, What is the Difference?

Players depositing and accepting bonuses at an online casino should know what kind of bonuses they’re accepting. Bonuses usually fall into two categories: a bonus can be either cashable or sticky which means non-cashable. 

When accepting a deposit bonus, players should always make sure they know whether the bonus they’re accepting is cashable or not. It can be fun to select this offer or that bonus, but if it can’t be used then it means nothing.

As a rule, cashable bonuses are the ones you should stick to, but many experienced players do know their way around the sticky bonuses and usually bag huge wins through those bonuses as well. We will explain to you exactly how these bonuses differ from each other, apart from the literal meaning of the terms.

Cashable Bonus

A cashable bonus is what the name suggests; the bonus is cashable. The cashable bonuses that you accept can be withdrawn once you meet the wagering requirements of the bonus, which can either be the casino’s standard requirements or requirements specific to the bonus you have accepted. 

You can’t cash out the bonus before fulfilling the wagering requirements. These vary from casino to casino. Make sure you fully understand the requirements before accepting the bonuses.

It is advised to always check the terms and conditions of the bonus you are about to accept, and also the amount of bonus and the amount of deposit you need to make over the bonus, as it can dramatically change your withdrawal amount.

Sticky Bonus (Non-Cashable Bonus)

Sticky bonuses, also known as non-cashable bonuses, are completely opposite to your cashable bonuses. They are sticky, as they are stuck with the casino and cannot be withdrawn. 

With every bonus, comes its terms and conditions, and if the bonus you’re accepting is non-cashable, it must be mentioned somewhere in the terms. You should look out for something like, “this bonus is for play purposes only and cannot be withdrawn”.

What it means to have a sticky bonus is, you can play as much as you want with the accepted bonus, but the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn. The winnings that are derived from the bonus are yours as long as the wagering requirements are met.

Know your Way Around, Know Your Bonus

It is important for players, especially novice players and newcomers to understand these two types of bonuses when playing in online casinos. Players often try to make a withdrawal only to come to know that the majority of the withdrawal amount is going to be returned to the casino and will stay stuck with the casino.

What if you end up accepting a sticky bonus? 

You can use it in your favor as many of them can be very profitable, even more than the cashable ones. The large matching percentages are the usual feature of sticky bonuses. You can quickly increase your bankroll with sticky deals. With the only limit to the sticky bonus winnings being casino’s max-cashouts, you can win huge amounts by going all in.