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Ask your Kids a Question.

We all know that the family dynamic is strained due to hectic schedules, extracurricular activities, heavy workloads and sheer exhaustion. They say dinner time is the time we all need to come together and spend some quality time together. Well that’s a great idea but what are you going to talk about; hectic schedules, extracurricular activities, heavy workloads and sheer exhaustion? No, this is the time to talk about other things, non stressful topics. Ask your child a question, any question. Get them talking and asking you questions. Of course this just doesn’t have to done at dinner time, what about those uncomfortable silences in the car, or while grocery shopping or waiting in line at Target. Make every moment special, take advantage of the time you have now with your children. Open those lines of communication, even simple, no reason for asking type questions make for great conversation. Hopefully it will keep them talking to you forever.

Start with something simple for the younger ones:
Why do you have brown hair?
If you had a plane where would you go?
Tell me a joke.

Work up to thinking questions for elementary school-age children:
What do you want to be when you grow up and why?
Why do people have different color skin?
If you could be the teacher for the day, what would you teach?

Now for the know-it all tweens and teens:
How would you describe yourself so someone you’ve never met?
What do you think about (insert local news story) that happened yesterday?
If you could live the life of any current TV show which would it be?