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Foodie Friday-Margaritas BABY

We received an oh so special gift from our very good friends Tim and Cat. Over the years Tim has come over for many bbqs and bday parties and Sunday night dinners. For most of these get-togethers we often had margaritas. Some flavored some virgin but these are pretty much a staple drink with friends and family. The weekend before xmas Tim and his new lovely bride Cat joined us for dinner and brought along a gift. At first I was annoyed at the enormous box they were shoving our way as our gift to them was in a small gift bag but the suspense was killing me. My husband made the first wrapping paper breach and immediately saw what it was and started laughing. It took me a minute to see what it was and I thought, “How Perfect” . Tim, knowing I would be furious at the money they had spent, right away started with “You guys have done so much” and “We got a great deal on it”. So what else could we do, fire it up. 3 yummy pitchers later and it had already paid for itself. It has been used several times since then, hasn’t anyone heard of Christmas Day margaritas. It also makes the yummiest smoothies. We add O.J., V8 Fusion and ice and the kids have a vitamin packed treat. I’m going to experiment with yogurt and bananas and honey but this thing is AWESOME.

a little bonus of my kids enjoying some virgin margaritas. Sabreena likes traditional, Shaun thinks it too sour. Shae on the other hand will drink anything in her path.