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Fatherhood Friday – Volunteering

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TGIF everyone and you know that Friday brings another installment of Fatherhood Friday sponsored by Dad Blogs. If you never have been to Dad Blogs you are missing out on a ton of awesome posts written by cool dads and moms.

This week my Fatherhood Friday post is just to brag about my 13 year old daughter. I will start by saying Sabreena (dark hair and yellow shirt) is an awesome kid with a great head on her shoulders who cares about others and is very into charity and volunteering.

Sabreena is going into the 8th grade this coming school year. When we first moved to Maryland the school district required each child to complete 75 hours of community service. At first that sounded like alot to me until Sabreena can home half way thru the 7th grade school year telling us she has already meet her volunteering goal. I knew she did alot after school because I am usually the one who picks her up but she meet her goal in just a year and a half and that doesn’t include summer. Writing this post I am still shocked how fast she accomplished this goal. The funny thing is that even though she meet her goal half way thru the last school year Sabreena continued to volunteer even though she no longer needed to for school credit. As a father that makes me proud that my daughter loves to help others and doesn’t mind giving her time.

So now it is summer most kids probably are just laying around the house and chillin out. Don’t get me wrong Sabreena does her fair share of chillin around the house but two days this past week she and her friend set up an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I am sure most people know of the story of little Alex who died at the age of 8 years old with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. So Sabreena took it upon herself to set up the lemonade stand and raise some money for this charity. In two days I think she raised about $35 which isn’t bad considering she is only charging .50 per cup for the lemonade.

The point of my post is just to tell everyone that I am proud of my 13 year old daughter and what she does for others. I am rough on her alot but I only do this to make her a better person in hopes she grows up to be a better person then myself. From what I can see she is well on her way!!!! Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

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  1. BellaDaddy says

    So very cool…we are very proud of her here too…Commendable!


  2. Andrew's Daddies says

    You have a special little girl. I am so proud of her too.

  3. I'd be proud as well! A great girl and a great charity!

  4. Marianna says

    Very cool! Sabreena is quite a special young lady. 🙂

  5. The Devoted Dad says

    That is something to be very proud of! Sounds like she does have both a good head on her shoulders and compassion in her heart. -DD

  6. Bill and Lorie Shewbridge says

    What a wonderful young woman, and a true testament to her upbringing. You should not only be proud of her, but of yourselves also. Way to go, all of you!!

  7. ColleenMarie82 says

    Congratulations, I love hearing stories of good, it gives me the confidence that I can raise my kids to be good upstanding adults, everything doesn't always have to be negative.

  8. Betty N says

    I am sure that your daughter read the post. It would make her feel good to see all the positive comments that you made about her. It shows her how proud you are of the girl she is and is becoming.

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