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Soothing your Baby

Babies are born with the ability to soothe themselves. We weren’t in the womb with them for nine months to offer cuddles and kisses. Most babies suck their thumbs while in the womb but once they are born some tend to lose that instinct due to interferences and distractions such as pacifiers, no-scratch mittens, swaddling and sleeves. I don’t think as parents we are purposely trying to take away their self-soothing instinct but we are told to try other methods. You can either encourage the thumb sucking by keeping your little one’s hands free or obstruction and gently bringing her hand to her mouth or you can adopt new soothing methods for a fussy baby.

Eye Contact
There is nothing more mesmerizing than just gazing into your baby’s eyes. Let her know you are there and that you are there to comfort her.
I’m a big proponent of swaddling, the tight squeeze is similar to what babies felt in the womb. Prohibiting them from flailing all about from sudden noises or even their own muscle twitches will keep baby calmer. Swaddling isn’t a new concept either, it’s been suggested that it was developed in 4000 B.C. so us moms do know something or two about taking care of babies!

this is a hysterical swaddling video, I’ve never seen it done like this but obviously it works

Loud noises annoy me so you can imagine how irritating they can be to babies little ears. Use a quiet voice and slow speech while talking to baby. Talk about anything, vent about your job, sing your new favorite song or recite a sonnet by Shakespeare, it doesn’t matter as long as your words come out loving and tender and peaceful.
Get Close
Cuddle that cranky baby! Pull her close against you let her hear your heartbeat, smell your scent and feel you hands against her body. Your baby is relying on you to keep her safe and secure, remind her with your touch.

Get Moving
Swing, rock, sway or jiggle. Sabreena and Shaun liked to be rocked and Shae liked to be bounced, each child is different so try everything until something works. Do more than just move around, change positions. I found flipping Shae on her belly, swaddled in a football hold and bouncing up and down put her to sleep instantly. Did I instantly figure that out, nope, it took lots of trial and error.

Use all, some or none of the tips above, use what works for you and your baby.