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Kids Grow Up So Fast

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TGIF all and welcome to another edition of Fatherhood Friday sponsored by Dad Blogs. If you have never been to Dad Blogs go over now (well, after you read my post) and check out all the cool dads and moms and leave some comment love.

I have been away from Fatherhood Friday for a few weeks now and I want to apologize to everyone. It has been super busy with work and vacation but I am back and this week I am going to talk about kids and how they grow up way to fast.

I think I might have already done a post on this topic but after my wife shot the videos below last night I needed to discuss it again.

My baby Shae will be 2 years old August 13th and I am stunned how fast 2 years has gone by. Seriously I remember the day my wife and I went to the hospital only to be sent home due a false alarm and then return 1 week later for the real deal. I remember the first time I held Shae in my arms at the hospital the first time Shae rolled over on her own, etc I could go on forever. The point is DAM time flies.

Shae can now count to 20, say her ABC’s, sing songs and even asks to watch iCarley (which she calls I Charlie) on TV. Where the heck did 2 years go and when did my baby start to become so smart. I mean it seems like overnight all of these little things start to happen and before I knew it she was walking, talking, singing and eating on her own at the dinner table. She is starting to grow up which saddens me. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that she is closer to being out of diapers, not up all hours of the night but I miss my little tiny baby girl. I do love the fact that when I ask for a kiss she will run over and give me a kiss which is very cool.

I know growing up is life but dam sometimes it is hard to see. I like to look back at pictures of when my kids were just babies and live in the past for a little while. Everyone have a good Friday and a great weekend!!!!

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