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Sears is getting you Campus Ready

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“This post was sponsored by sears. All the opinions are mine”

It’s that time of year AGAIN. It’s time to pull backpacks out from under the bed, count how many pencils are in the junk drawer and see how pairs of jeans each of the kids need.
That’s right it’s Back to School time. I have 2 school age kids, so the above mentioned chores are slowing happening here. In fact Rob just went through the supply stash to check it against Shaun’s supply list, of course we need tons of stuff. We haven’t even begun to think about what Sabreena needs.

While my kids are yet college age I still think about those days to come; packing up the car with boxes of clothes, an old tv, a microwave purchased on sale and a couple spare sheets sets and blankets and then off they go. Sears is here to help those college years off to a better start. CampusReady is about getting that dorm room decorated in style!

Vintage Chic is my favorite design, girly but not juvenile. Using the shopping checklist will ensure your child will have everything they need to live comfortably in their new home away from home. Check out the great Money Sense section too! It’s full of great tips to spend wisely and create a budget. Whether you are looking for furniture, apparel or organizing tools Sears has it all.

What college did your child choose? The have to dress accordingly.
That big football school in the Midwest requires a heavy coat. The party school down South requires lots of cute tees and accessories. At the academic fortress in the Northest some no nonsense polos would be in order.

Sears has also created a very cool CampusReady on Facebook on Facebook Application to ensure your college student has an easy transition into his new independence. With all the tools Sears is giving you and your child, leaving home for the first time should be easier, not less emotional but less stressful.

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  1. Yourtimeblog says

    Looks like a really nice room, and the interactive checklist is great!

  2. Betty N says

    There are so many places to get really great stuff now!

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